Saturday, December 20, 2008

How the mighty have fallen...

A few friends and I threw together an impromptu Boys Night Out tonight. We all have kids, so it's hard to go out and cut loose often.

Right after our kids' bedtime, we decided to rendezvous at a local dive called Ethyl's. It was crowded with a couple of Christmas parties, the music was really loud and it was entirely too smokey to enjoy.

There was also a hint of a possibility of sobriety checkpoints near Ethyl's, so we did the only sane thing - went to a place closer to home.

A bowling alley.

We hung out in the lounge* right under the wall of plaques commemorating members of the '300 club.' Ironically, we were poking fun at the names on the plaques while we WERE IN A BOWLING ALLEY DRINKING ON A FRIDAY NIGHT.

After a pitcher or three, it was nearing two of the guys' strict midnight curfew, so at 11:55 we were out the door.

And I'm all like "wow, you guys are pussies to have to be home so early." Like saying this somehow made me feel superior.

Yes, this is what it's come to. A bunch of 40-somethings trying to find a place where the music isn't quite so loud, the smoke not so thick, where we could stay out of trouble and avoid the cops.

And be home in time to keep the peace.

By the way, we still had fun, even though it didn't conclude as per normal - dining at 4 am at the Casa de Waffle.

*doesn't "bowling alley lounge" invoke an interesting mental picture? Can you almost smell the cigarette smoke, stale beer, Tombstone pizza and rental shoes?


Clippy Mat said...

Dave, your rabble rousing days are well and truly over!!
Welcome to the dark side.
It's all downhill from here.

Blogarita said...

Did you ever to into the so-called bowling alley/skating rink in our hometown? Talk about rank odors!

Still, we went. Where the hell else was there to go?

Amanda said...

I avoid smoky loud places and I'm 24, if that makes you feel any better. Last night I watched Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian with my boyfriend and his brother. We like to live it up.

Paula said...

Unfortunetly those 4am runs to Waffle house are very few and FAR between. With kids that like to get up at makes for a REALLY LONG and CRANKY day!!

I wouldn't mind doing waffle house's been a long time since I've been there.

beana said...

soon it will be the Early Bird Special for you and your friends....
at least you wont have to worry about the cops- I mean- arent those days really over.. and overrated when in style?

C said...

...hey, some of my best fun dates on sundays in high school were at the bowling alley. they had pickled eggs and little sausages. gave ya gas for 2 days but ya got hungry bowling.... i'll never forget the time my fingers got stuck in the ball and i fell flat on my face in the alley, right in front of a bunch of people.
it wasn't pretty.


Violet said...

mmmm... tombstone pizza.

Fred said...

You were NOT at the "old" bowling alley, the only one that has been around town longer than I've been alive? NO WAY! Where's the pics?