Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When left to my own devices

We returned from the East Coast this afternoon, to a nice clean house... albeit devoid of a cohesive food selection.

I thought about a Weight Watchers frozen chicken dish but it was freezer burned. (expired in February) I searched high and low for a frozen pizza, nothing. There aren't even any tortilla chips in the house I could eat with salsa.

So I was forced to improvise. While Emily is out playing Bunko and probably enjoying a full selection of appetizers, I made myself a sandwich.
Yes, it's an egg sandwich. With cheese. And pepperoni. And mayo.

I feel like it's pretty inventive. What's more, it tastes pretty good! No complaints here.


C said...

hey dave, glad you're back! your sandwich looks so yummy (gulps) i just had to go make one just like it and (burps) i am taking the last bite as i write.
yummy...(licks fingers) mmmmnnn
excuse me if i type with my mouthfull (mumbling through chewing) damn, i'm satiated.
have you ever had a fried bologna sandwich with spicy mustard and melted cheese? (burps again)
the trick is to get the bologna crispy, i use a lil butter to do that, comes out like a nicely grilled hotdog, only flat. well, it's the same material, ain't it?
(farts) (shit i'm sorry)
then there is the all time fave fried green peppers sandwich with mayo, salt n peppa...
damn, i'm gassy tonight....
that pepperoni's gonna get me by morning....

mckay said...

that's a MAN sandwich, baby.