Monday, October 06, 2008

"Toby" and me

This is a test post from another iPhone blogging service called cellspin. This is a picture of a guy named John who, in person, looks JUST like Toby Keith.

UPDATE: it appears cellspin cuts off the picture instead of resizing it to fit, thus you see only half of me. (although it IS my best half) I'm not sure how to fix something like that, so I'm pretty sure the application is worth what I paid for it. (free)

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mckay said...

he's cute, but his tshirt design is in that awkward stage of being out of style, and yet, not yet vintage.

at least it's not his tattoo.

points for wearing the jaunty cap just so

(nice test post. cellspin gets 2 kudos. you get 2, too, for posting pic of cute man in bad shirt)