Saturday, October 18, 2008


While walking through Sam's Club with my friend Chris Friday, both pushing individual carts which, oddly enough, both contained diapers and wine, it occurred to me that there are very few instances when it's appropriate for men to shop together:
  • Anytime IF you're shopping at Home Depot, Sam's Club or Auto Zone.
  • At men's clothing stores IF you're intoxicated at the time, but it's never OK to try anything on. (right Dr. Mike?)
  • At girly stores (Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, etc.) IF you're intoxicated AND shopping for Easter/Valentine's/Birthday for a woman AND you don't make eye contact with the other guy.
  • Liquor store. (without restrictions)
  • Adult movie/bookstore IF you're shopping for a halloween costume AND you have a female escort. (Again, no eye contact with the other guy)
  • Bait/Tackle shop. (without restrictions)
  • Sporting goods store. (both of you MUST make a purchase)

There are no other known instances when shopping with another guy is considered appropriate.


Clippy Mat said...

definitely inappropriate if you're in 'soft furnishings' with another fella, you're both sober AND neither of you has a female escort.
look out!

Fantastagirl said...

Now that explains so many things...

Blogarita said...

I've actually see quite a few men shopping together at Hobby Lobby. Maybe they're shopping for model cars or something.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wait a minute! Let me think! Surely there are more places than that. Surely there are.....

mckay said...

grocery store for ice, bbq briquets, steak and beer.

walmart for bullets?

C said...

Condoms. Men like to go together to buy condoms. and while doing so, talk very loud about how you're both gonna get laid that night...with a woman.

but never go shopping with a guy for underwear and ask him if he likes "these"...

or bath towels, asking if they would look good "in our bathroom..."

oh, and yeah, even if you ARE drunk, never go in the dressing room together to try on new jeans. that's a no no if you wanna keep your macho image.

one last thing, no matter how much dog hair he has on his pants, don't try to brush it off for him, in public.

yep. good ole man rules, cuz some guys just need boundries.