Monday, October 06, 2008

Testing iBlogger

I've downloaded a program that supposedly allows me to blog from my iPhone. I'm not really proficient at it yet so bear with me as I experiment.

Mobile Blogging from here.

Only after I downloaded the program was I made aware you cannot upload photos to Blogspot blogs. I paid 10 bucks and I'm very disappointed.

UPDATE: After registering the product and posting this, the owner of the software company visited the blog to follow up. (click the comment link) I appreciate that kind of service, and it does lift my opinion of iBlogger. After working with it a little, the program is very functional and useful. Its only shortcoming is the inability to post photos.


Anonymous said...

hi Dave,

I'm sorry you missed it, but the product description in the App Store clearly states that uploading of pictures to Blogspot is not a part of the current product. Don't worry, though, your purchase is not wasted! iBlogger will provide picture posting to Blogspot in a future release. (We want this feature, too. Unfortunately, it's not provided in the Blogger API, so we need to build a Flickr plugin.)

. .. ...
illumineX, inc.

Dave Morris said...

I purchased the application from my iPhone, where the description is buggy and not visible.

As you said, the description you see through iTunes refers to blogging "with pictures, tags, categories, links and location at the touch of a finger." You are absolutely right, below it does warn about picture posting for Blogspot/Blogger.

If you get the chance, you might look into the product description via the phone-based app store... it's invisible. (at least on my phone) I made the choice of purchasing it based only on the reviews, which ARE visible if you page down to the bottom.

But thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and following up. It says a world of good about your product and customer service.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed about this too, because a fix has been promised for a long time, and another iPhone app, BlogPress, already supports adding photos to blogspot blogs, so it can't be an insurmountable technical problem. This single deficiency makes it hard to believe that it is an application in "active development" as claimed, and a stain on the reputation of the Ecto app that illuminex acquired to build iBlogger.