Saturday, October 18, 2008

Welcome to America...

Not exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind, do you think?


Blogarita said...

This is pathetic.

McCain's going to be literally a few blocks away from my house next week; he'll be at one school and very near three others, including Sparky's. Do his supporters really think that this is the kind of message we want our children to hear?

C said...

wow, i cannot believe the verbal linching in this video. and i bet every one of these ignorant souls would claim to be a christian.
oh. my. god.
may our future hold more hope than the likes of these kinds of people. i am out raged. i am embarrassed to have the rest of the world see that americans can orally defacate in public.


in the words of pop culture,

why would any one want some one in charge of our country, to support such hatred, judgementalism, and vulgarity such as this? if i were running for president, i would have my ass out there letting these kinds of groups know that what they are doing and saying is unacceptable. why aren't McCain and Palin addressing this?
should we assume they support this kind of behavior by remaining silent about it?


i forgot.

we have freedom of speech in this country, no matter whom it hurts, right?


Clippy Mat said...

scary stuff.
i can't get over why mccain was lauded as a good guy for correcting the lady who was afraid of obama 'because he's an arab'...

arabs are bad people?

he neglected to point out in his 'correction' that 'arabs' and terrorists are two different things.

which speaks volumes.