Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sorry, I'm a bad blogger

Just a note to say I'm still alive. Grayson is going through his 6-month "let's make a parent's life hell" phase. Not sleeping right, teething, had an ear infection/fever for a few days. He's ultra-aware of everything now, starting to get the separation anxiety. Common things for a baby his age, though.

I'm starting to get some anxiety too. I'm really, really busy with work and I'm going way too long between forays out into the real world. (ah, the life of someone who works from home.)

Parenting is great. One minute life is fantastic, the next... you're questioning what the hell you're doing. At the end of the day, it all balances out.

And now after Em's been up half the night with our boy, I'm handling the second half. As I type, the horizon is beginning to turn orange. I love early morning, and I don't see the sunrise often enough. That is the gift Grayson has given me today!

There's your update. My blog used to be a busy place, but lately it's pretty quiet. If there was an emoticon that was a wrinkled smile, a touch of depression, an little excitement for the future and a little "oh god what did I do" all combined I'd use it here.

Edit for night two: (and by night two, I mean night two of this blog entry, but about night 6 of not getting even close to 8 hours of sleep) Dang I would love to get 8 hours of sleep. Just one night of 8 continuous hours of sleep. One.


C said...

the key to adapting to your new role as father with a mobile baby (just wait till he starts walkin haahaa) on top of EVERYTHING else you have to do, is to put yourself first for an alloted time, every day. if you don't take time to relax and refresh yourself, then you will always be running on empty, which will make everything seem more difficult. it's not being selfish. if you were a car running on fumes cuz you didn't wanna stop and refuel, eventually your car would run out. it's the same for us busy parents who work and have overwhelming responsibilities. if you aren't running on a full tank, then how can you expect to tow the line?

yep. gas is the answer. make sure your tank is as close to full as you can, every day.

how am i supposed to do this, you ask?

power naps.

soaking in the tub with soothing music playing.

giving yourself permission to "just sit" and zone out for an hour.

things like that.... be creative.... works for the wife, too.

maybe you guys can take turns giving each other a "free hour."

but please don't stop blogging. you are like my morning cuppa java... ;)

Sarah said...

thanks for the reminder that seeing the snrise this morning is a gift from my kids rather than the punishment it feels like. i got to enjoy vintage mr rodgers this morning too.

Clippy Mat said...

on the contrary, that' s what I call a 'good blog'.
always good reading.

Fantastagirl said...

Don't forget to breathe...I forget sometimes and then our world isn't as much fun.

The Comeback Kid said...

It's OK I haven't been keeping up with it lately, either. But you have much better excuses than I do. Mine just being that I'm lazy. I wish I could be closer so I could take the little guy off your hands sometimes. But anytime you need a break during Thanksgiving or Christmas break when I'm back I'll watch him for ya.

Blogarita said...

No need to apologize. We all go through blogging down times, stressful kid times, hectic work times and how the hell did I get myself into this mess times. That's life; you're just feeling it more intensely than usual right now.

I like C's comment about taking time to refuel each day. She makes a lot of sense.