Saturday, October 11, 2008

Semen's in...

About three blocks from our hotel here in Mystic, Connecticut is one of the area's best seafood restaurants. It's called Seaman's Inne, and I can't drive by without giggling like a moron.

Yes Blogarita, there IS a Mystic Pizza, the actual restaurant after which the movie was named. The film (Julia Roberts' first) was shot on location in Mystic. You can have Mystic Pizza delivered anywhere in the US, although it's pretty expensive. I'd say on a scale of 1-10, their pizza is about a 6. Very good, (not great) but the ambience and novelty more than makes up for it. There is an old saying about pizza and sex... but I don't want to reference it in the same post as Seaman's Inne.
We stopped at one of the many roadside fish stands yesterday, and had lobster rolls and clam fritters, two things you can't find anywhere back home. It is clear to me that, where my diet is concerned, I will have to write this week completely off.
As we enjoyed our lobster rolls, Grayson enjoyed fresh Elephant.

C, in answer to your question, we were here during Christmas last year and took the Mystic Seaport tour. The old whaling ships are fascinating to walk through. We went below deck and found that the fishermen must have been really short. At 6'3", I had to duck almost the entire time.

We took Grayson for his first trip to the beach yesterday. He got to play in the sand a little, but given his tendency to put everything he touches in his mouth, we didn't let him play for long.

Speaking of, he got his first tooth today! His right-middle tooth on the bottom is poking through and he definitely has the teething attitude.

Tomorrow is the wedding (the reason we're here) and Monday we leave for home. I miss being able to do anything we want anytime we want, but Grayson has been a total joy on this trip. He's a great little passenger and he makes us smile a lot. I can't wait to take him on our next trip, especially as he starts being able to remember the things we do with him.


Blogarita said...

Forget the pizza. Just mail me one of those yummy-looking lobster rolls and the cute elephant-muncher instead.

Ken Dillon said... are SO not gonna believe this. I was in Mysitc FRIDAY all day...we went on a trip to the Northeast, and based ourselves out of Providence, RI.

If we only kept each other up-to-date more, we coulda hooked up thousands of miles from home, instead of the hundreds we can't seem to make now!

Clippy Mat said...

i've tagged you over on my blog.
i know, you've probably done this before. but just in case you haven't....
oh and nice post

Weary Hag said...

How cool. You were ten minutes from my house! Hope you enjoyed... (like your unique spelling of Seamen's Inn haha)

Not so weary anymore hag.

Weary Hag said...

Slightest correction ever. Mystic Pizza was mostly NOT shot at Mystic Pizza... but in and around the area (and sometimes, pretty far away too! lol)

Nothing was shot inside the existing place though.