Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Newgrill isn't a city in Jamaica

Last weekend my friend Mike Cornett and I picked up my Father's Day present, the first new grill I've had in seven years.

Halogen-lighted fire box, LED lights on the instrument panel, and an oven... roughly 100,000 BTUs. Now that'll cook a steak. Well, er... veggies, I mean. (trying to watch my diet)

I needed Mike's truck, (and his back) since the grill weighs 425 pounds. It takes up a huge section of the deck - good thing we're getting a patio.


Weary Hag said...

Everyone I read lately is on some sort of diet. Is it blogging? Is that to blame? Perhaps it should be called "blobbing" ... yeah ...that's a name that would suit my current condition.

What a cute little grill. I'm only kidding. It's holy mackeral nice, Dave!

Fantastagirl said...

Please take down the picture - if Mr. Incredible sees it he will want one... and he is NOT getting one.

Looks like an awesome grill!

Blogarita said...

We've always been a charcoal grill kind of family...but what I wouldn't give to have that oven on my back deck!

Very nice!