Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Sad Driveway

What the hell. In two years, I've gone from a free-wheeling, red blooded, single, Hummer driving male... to a mi....... um, mini.................. uh. A van driver.

The things that changed my mind:

1 - The ecology. There, I said it. I don't drive a lot of miles, but the new vehicle is much more fuel-efficient, while still packing over 250 horsepower.

2 - Grayson wouldn't be able to climb into the Hummer by himself for eight years.

3 - GM is considering stopping production of the H2 for a while, and possibly indefinitely. The winds of change are blowing... and it was either trade it in or keep it forever. Its value would have plummetted.

4 - I'm no longer a free-wheeling, single guy. This min.... um, mini.... uh, this van is fine for our family, and will provide room for growth. (if Em talks me into another child)

5 - My driveway is breathing a sigh of relief, since it's no longer supporting over four tons of metal and rubber.

The 2008 Town & Country has the new "swivel 'n go" seating, which allows five passengers in the rear to sit facing each other with a table in the middle. Check it out.

For several years, the Town & Country has been the only "cool" mini van on the market. I'm happy with our decision.

And yet... now I have to worry about snow, curbs and not getting that awestruck look from kids.

I was sad when my BMW lease was up, but this is even worse. Goodbye old friend.


Blogarita said...

There was a time when you couldn't have paid me to drive a minivan. Now I can't imagine being without one.

Hey, do those Swivel 'n Go seats also Stow 'n Go? The Stow 'n Go is one of our favorite features on van. Those and the automatic sliding doors.

Sarah said...

I hope you enjoy the mini-van. Now can you please convince my husband to take the leap into mini-van ownership?? It's what all the cool dads are doing now, right?