Friday, December 01, 2006

Michael Richards is an idiot

His racial epithet toward customers at that comedy club in L-A is shameful. I'm not sure how he believes it could be funny, it was stupid and insulting.

But now, opportunistic attorney... um, I mean "defender of freedom" Gloria Alred is representing the two audience members involved, and is looking for a "settlement."

Who didn't see this coming? Time for a free paycheck.

Which is fine, because now I can collect some money too:

1 - Dr. Mike (you know what you did)
2 - Ronnie Metcalf (high school classmate who called me a skinny f*cker, among other things)
3 - An assortment of critical listeners through the years (so comedy isn't my strong suit - screw you and your complaints. Those words cut deep)
4 - Chris Rock, who constantly refers to me and others as "crackers."
I want my money, dammit. You people on my list... write a check now to avoid a call from my attorney.

There's no doubt Richards is an idiot, but it takes lame-asses like him to make me look good... so whatever.


Anonymous said...

I imagine Ronnie Metcalf could have petitioned for a few lawsuits of his own. He was cruel, I think, because so many people were cruel to him.

Not that I'm sticking up for him or anything...crazy f*cker showed me more than I ever wanted to see when my brother and I were at his house playing pinball one time.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on trying to get money out of Mike. He is one tight bastard!!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Metcalf!!?!? Oh gosh. That name, that name. I'm sure it meant something at one time! Fortunately for me, my first three years of college were so traumatic that it's pretty much erased anything I ever remember about this Ronnie Metcalf guy.

I think Blogarita has it right, tho. Cruelty just PERMEATED that place. It seems everyone was a perp and everyone was a victim, from some angle or another. The good thing is that we survived it and got to a better place.

(And by the way... I guess we're even, Dave. You had to create a Xanga account to post on mine... and now they made me create a Google account to post here. ANOTHER password to remember... ack...)

Anonymous said...

Great! The more $$money$$ you get, the more you will share with me... Right???

mckay said...

is it just me or is Cracker a completely ineffective slur?

i think it makes those who say it feel me it just makes me think of saltines, which are yummy.