Saturday, August 26, 2006

Life as a guy...

This is pretty funny. I've never felt like this at all... no, never once. ;)


CP said...


If he would have walked up to the fat chick, instead of walking past her and said "I have fudge", he would have gotten a blowjob right on the spot.

Not that I speak from experience or anything.


~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

I feel like the fat stick figure girl he walks past. Of course the reason being is that I'm the one who gets stuck with the guys who have been treated like that way in the past so they automatically think I'm the bitter bitch too. Then when they find out I'm not like that... they treat me that way instead.

Men suck. I should go lesbian.

It's Me, Maven... said...

The anti-fat thing is the only thing true about this animation. Though I was amused by the one gal bifurcating him with a chainsaw.

But then again, I live that reality daily. Oft-overlooked and under-appreciated. It's a good thing I'm well adjusted and content with my life, otherwise I'd really be one bitter bitch, instead of just merely being a bitch.

Mr. Scoop said...

I'm with you, dude! I believe that all abstract graphite bitches must hang!

And then I sit in front of my computer and masturbate to ones and zeroes.

And then the police tell me by bullhorn that ones and zeroes that happen to resolve to fake pictures of naked celebrities aren't technically "hostages".

And then I cry. Because the nice SWAT men with the gas masks don't.

Refresh my memory: you're my lawyer, right?

Fathairybastard said...

That little video was fuckin brilliant. Exagerated, but it tells you how so many guys feel so much of the time.

and Mr. Scoop is a riot too.

Nice post.

OneHungMan said...

Curious as to how Jill wore shoes with no feet.

rachel said...

So if he walked up to each of those girls and said
"I will never make you cry, or doubt me, always be honest and never screw your best friend in the back of my car"

would that have made a difference?
Just another point of view!

Dave Morris said...

You guys are more funny than the animation!

I hope nobody was offended. If so, feel free to offend me back.

Eve said...

he he he

jamwall said...

i like the part about ripping off the skin and dousing with salt. sounds like some relationships i've been through.

some of them involved lemon juice instead of salt.

ned Wilkinson said...

Noooooooo comment. :)