Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some aging white guy in some office somewhere

It's posts like this from Steve Mays that got me interested in blogging:
"I have this fantasy of some guy serving a life sentence. In his cell 23 hours a day. No TV, no radio, no books or magazines... just a computer that can only do one thing. Show the images from my webcam.

What sort of story would he construct from these images. Year after year, some aging white guy in some office somewhere. People walking past the open doorway, sometimes coming in to talk. About something he'll never know. Would he wonder about my moods from my facial expressions? Would he feel as though he knows me after years of watching me, hour after hour?"

Many of us, the brotherhood of the blog, choose to leave the curtain of our window pulled aside a little in the event someone wants a peek. There is worth and interest in all of our lives, whether your view is from the top of the Sears Tower or a basement window overlooking a pond.

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Blogarita said...

Sometimes I will NOT write something because I don't think anyone is interested in looking through the window. Yet I will find myself entirely fascinated with even the most mundane events in another person's life when they post about it on their own blog.