Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rachel "Yasser" Ray

Filed under the GMAB (give me a break) header:

Rachel Ray's web ad touting Dunkin' Donuts' new iced coffee product has been yanked because in the ad, she's wearing a scarf that supposedly promotes terrorism. It only vaguely resembles the pattern worn by Yasser Arafat:

The right-wing neocons are freaking the hell out about it. Give it a rest, you act like a bunch of shivering idiots. How did the US become the world's most powerful country when people such as these are so fearful?

Grow a damned spine... and stop making up things to fear.


Blogarita said...

And to that, I say a big "Amen!" ;)

maven said...

Ah, it's just yet one more chink in the neocon armor of fear mongering. Post 9/11 I can honestly say I don't feel any safer than I did before, and this culture of fear that is afoot only makes Americans look like rubes to the rest of the world. Unfortunately with satellite dishes and YouTube etc, we the people are being unjustly characterized by our government's "foreign policy" as well as whatever the media spews forth.