Monday, May 26, 2008

Our subdivision: a river runs through it

After several inches of rain overnight, the tributary behind our subdivision, normally a trickle, became a full-blown raging river and threatens several homes nearby.

Without a sump pump, my own basement might be flooded, since the water table is incredibly high right now. There is a Servicemaster truck across the street - apparently their pump failed.

Pics from the 'hood:

This shows just how close the water is to some of our neighbors.

The park shelters across the street at Dames Park. The entire park is submerged.

Water polo field? Not hardly. These fields won't see football for a while.


Kim Leslie said...

So happy to have you blogging again, if for no other reason than seeing new pictures of Grayson. Though blogging for blogging sake is good too. After all, you are my blogfather.

Paula said...

WOW! That's crazy....

Blogarita said...

Seems there was bad weather everywhere this weekend. We lucked out and didn't get anything but a little rain where we were camping.

Violet said...

Amazing how fast the water can go up and also how quickly it drops. I'm sure the Parks Dept. hates it when the park floods. Last time, I saw the workers out there cleaning every paved surface and playground of all the debris that gets left behind - that would suck.