Monday, May 26, 2008

Happiness is not a destination, it's a journey

For years I've heard that phrase and for years I thought it made perfect sense. But lately I've been thinking maybe it's a matter of perspective.

How can you tell someone who has been divorced many times, fought cancer, lost a child or lost their home and recovered from those things to land on their feet, that happiness is found in the journey? THAT journey doesn't sound happy at all.

It's really an individual thing, isn't it? Maybe for some, happiness is where they are now.

Our neighbor's son recently suffered a house fire and had to come live with his parents. At about the time the rebuild was complete, the pipes burst and flooded the home, which delayed their return. A couple of months later, while his son awaited repairs from the pipe burst, the neighbor's wife died. Then, last night, the basement of his house (where the son and his family were still staying) flooded from the rain.

Not a happy journey.

Of course today isn't really your ultimate destination - it's just one stopping point along the journey. But I'd say for some, happiness is still somewhere down the line...


Violet said...

I think you have an interesting point here. For sure, looking into the future, there are bound to be some times that aren't the happiest; life is full of ups and downs. Perhaps it is all a matter of perspective and how you look at the opportunities that life hands you.

Blogarita said...

Em's gettin' all Zen now. But I think she's right.

Anonymous said...

As you look back on those trials or experiences, you will have grown from them, and feel pride in the accomplishments that you have made. Running a marathon isn't that great during the journey, but once the finish line is reached, there is great emotion from the journey. So, life is also an attitude. Enjoy what you have, it could always be worse.

Yusuf Hamdi said...

well I think that happiness is a journey does not necessarily mean that we enjoy every single second of our life, it also mean that when we look back at things we may smile even sad things, like the funeral of your beloved wife, after few years you look back at it and think well the good thing about it was that some of my friends "true friends" made it from all around the world -if the could of course- just to be there for you and say well we care

this is only one point about this happiness is a journey thing