Friday, May 30, 2008

Best ribs in NE Missouri

As touted by the Rural Electric Coop's quarterly mag (and pointed out by my friend "Bird")... we finally stopped at Piggy's BBQ, a little hole-in-the-wall on Main Street in O'Fallon.

Best ribs I've ever tasted. The secret is in the rub, I think, and the fact that they are smoked out front (literally in their parking lot - see right side of the pic above) daily. At less than 20 bucks a slab, I am tempted to take home 3 or 4 for my next BBQ and save the briquets.*

It comes with three sauce choices, including a regular, a nice spicy jalapeno BBQ, and a sweet, smoky one.

I can hear my arteries slamming shut. Time to pop another Crestor...

*yes, I admit - if you get an invitation to my place for ribs, chances are I will be buying them from Piggy's and claiming them as my own. Shit happens.

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Blogarita said...

I'll be watching my mail for the invitation. You do have a place for us to set up the camper, don't you?