Thursday, May 10, 2007

My opinion on a few things. Trust me, you're dying to know.

Jeff Ruby has balls. He owns restaurants in Cincinnati, Belterra, Indiana and Louisville. So during the Kentucky Derby, another guy with HUGE balls, OJ Simpson, strolls into Ruby's restaurant in Louisville with a group of friends.

Ruby kicked Orenthal's ass out. Said he wasn't allowed in his restaurants because of his history, and what he put the Browns and Goldmans through.

So now, OJ's attorney is claiming it was racial. They're going after the guy's liquor license and trying to put him out of business.

I doubt it will happen, the guy will likely get HUGE support from everyone involved. I can't imagine he isn't completely flooded with positive email and phone calls. I'll bet he's gotten hundreds of interview requests.

Business is business. The guy did what he thought was right. He reserved the right to refuse service to anyone, and exercised that right.

So what did Yale Galanter, OJ's attorney, have to say about it? "He messed with the wrong man."

Sheesh, this attorney needs a publicist. You don't make a semi-threatening statement like that about someone like OJ. What an idiot.

Look, OJ... some free advice for you. When someone asks you to leave, just quietly leave. You got away with murder, my friend. You killed someone and walked. Count your blessings - and just quietly walk away.


I just don't get the whole hullaballoo over the Queen's visit.

How much money have we spent on state dinners, ceremonies, parties and press conferences during her visit? Holy crap, I wish I could have 10 percent of it, I'd buy a nice little beach house and retire.

Government sure knows how to waste some goddamn money. Nothing against the Queen (she's a nice old lady) or England at all, I'm just sayin'...


Look who's a bigot!

Shocking that Al Sharpton is back in the news, and this time he's on the receiving end of criticism for bigoted remarks he made during an interview about Mitt Romney.

Hey Al, sit down and shut up for a while. I think we're all kind of tired of hearing your voice.

Well, at least I am.


So... it was LaKisha.


Shake-up at HBO. Hey, this Albrecht guy has presided over a definite period of growth for what formerly was a "movie channel," and now has become the penultimate source for great television. Aside from House MD, American Idol, Boston Legal and a relatively few others... the best television is on HBO.

With only four more episodes of Sopranos, I must admit - I'm eager to see where they're going next. They do have a compelling lineup of new shows on the way, along with the ones I watch now, like Entourage, Real Time with Bill Maher, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Six Feet Under, etc.

It's hard to believe that in a month, The Sopranos will be toast. I hate the way I feel about that stupid show. It's violent, messy, ridiculous and it mocks me for loving it.


My high school reunion is coming up in about a month. I'd like to at least seem like I've done something with my life for the past 25 years. Anyone have ideas for me?

I guess I could dress up like a "super agent cowboy astronaut millionaire" like Peter Griffin did at his high school reunion on Family Guy.


Okay, the Sonata I took 30 minutes ago is now working. My head is spinny and sleepy, just like it's supposed to be. I was just now barely able to wolf down eighteen thin mints. I am nearly ready to report back to bed to finish my night's sleep. So WHY is it again that I can't sleep eight hours in a row lately?


One more thing before I go, the Word-you-find-the-definition-for-here-but-use-later-and-sound-brilliant: Denouement. \day-noo-MAWN\, noun. It means the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work.

Used in a sentence: "Denouement is a word I usedta didn't know but now I do because of Dave's incredible blog."

Always drink upstream from the herd.


Blogarita said...

I can't wait to see the super agent cowboy astronaut millionaire suit.

And speaking of high school, I think remembering what denoument means is the denoument.

Eve said...

I saw that restaurant owner on CNN. Good for him!!!

OJ should be dining on bread and water...

Violet said...

Do you think the Queen and the President had difficulty understanding each other because of their respective accents?

Sounds like the name of a porno: "The Queen and the President."

Damn, I think I just committed treason against two countries.

Fantastagirl said...

LOL at Violet...

I don't know what we are going to watch when the Sopranos are's the one show Mr. Incredible and I have to watch.

Chris Johnson said...

Good for Ruby! I would of done the same.

I really want to see the super agent cowboy astronaut millionaire!! How fun :D

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I agree with the Queen remarks to the denoument. What a waste of time, money, etc. You know the Queen's chief role? To name a Prime Minister, which is the person the party has elected. Or, maybe, her job is to show off the country's jewels -- as if she had any. (Ho ho har de har har.)

mckay said...

tell the restauranteur if he opens a place in the OC, i'll be making a reservation.

have you ever considered talk radio? being a talk radio junkie, your opinions and personality seem to be a good fit. too bad you don't have the chops. sigh. i've heard somewhere that voices are kinda important in that industry.

Ari said...

I am glued to the Sopranos too in these final days, and usually make something Italian for dinner each Sunday as a send-off for the series I love so ::snif::.

Ah, well. In just 3 short hours I'll be quaffing some red and trying to guess who dies next.

Do you think Tony's going to die or live?