Friday, May 04, 2007

Weekend Photo Essay

My new computer has a card reader that allows easy access to my PDA data card, so I was able to off-load a bunch of photos that I've been taking for the past year. I will now bore you with them. What better to do with your weekend???

Here's Emily in a deep, contemplative state. Or, mad at me. Whichever. She's awesome.

Mike and Paula's cat, Sigma, is the only cat I've ever seen sit like this. He's an anona... anomo... anomal... he's weird.

Back in the 1980's, I worked at the Lake of the Ozarks at a station called KLOZ, and it was in this building. I took this picture on a recent trip through Eldon, and honestly, the building looks about the same as it did when I worked there.

That door in the middle of the picture... led into the STUDIO where we broadcasted. Ha!

On a recent trip to a Thai restaurant, this is the dish Emily ordered. It came in a nice half-pineapple "dish" and tasted a little weird. I think there was shrimp and some other kind of seafood in it. Not too sure.

I'm not sure if this was the dessert from the same restaurant, but we thought it was pretty enough to snap a picture.

Oh wait, it was Emily's birthday dessert from this year! Ice cream pie.

On a grocery shopping adventure I apparently found the "Yard-O-Beef" summer sausage to be funny. I think every guy should have a "yard-o-beef."

Ditto with the "Pickle in a Pouch." Every girl should have one. That's just some priceless shit, there.

Here's Emily feeling a little maternal with my nephew, Preston. She'd make a GREAT mom. Definitely has the boobs for it. :)

"In loving memory of our son David."

I was in line at the bank the other day and got behind this van. It certainly brought everything into perspective. I have no troubles, I have no worries. I wept for a minute for these people. I must have been having an emotional day.


Violet said...

Well, I guess the dorky picture of me at the top is balanced out by the one with the pineapple and my boobs in the background... Sheesh, I'm a dork.

Mmmm.... that ice cream cake for my birthday was so good! The pineapple Thai thing was okay... I picked the shrimp out of it and ate some of the rice. But, at least I tried something new.

Love that picture of Preston. Too bad we'll be having a daughter instead of a son!

Blogarita said...

There you go, trying to get more "boob" searches.

Fantastagirl said...

Emily looks so at ease and natural with the babe...

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

1. We are in COMPLETE agreement that Sigma is the weirdest freaking cat EVER!!!

2. The Eldon thing totally caught me off guard...Paula prolly doesn't even remember, but we used to go through Eldon on the way to our grandparents lake place, we did all of our shopping in Eldon....I remember the old crickety wooden bridge and the used car part place with all the funky fencing....didya notice any of those things????

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Is that wearing your heart on your window? My, how odd.

Lee Ann said...

Ok...I see that you are a normal guy the boobies!
Those are great pictures. Except, the food in the pineapple looks like it might not taste too good!

Oh...a yard-o-beef? Naaa..that one is too easy!

Have a great week!
What are your seven?

Blogarita said...

Both of my parents grew up in Eldon.

Explains a lot, doesn't it?