Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Screw YOO!!

I was pretty disappointed when the audience in Mexico made it personal and boo-ed Miss USA during the Miss Universe pageant last night. (by the way, when will the other "lesser" galaxies like Andromedia finally be represented?)

Memo to Mexico and anyone else who hates the US - go fug yourself.

While the US does enjoy world status as the only superpower, is the richest country per capita in the world and uses that status and weight to get a few extra perks... we've also earned the position in ways far too numerous to list here.

Let a flood, earthquake or famine hit your nation and see who is first to arrive and help. Let your enemy attack you and see whose boys show up with the world's most advanced and precise weapons to set things right. Let you be stricken by disease and see whose doctors (the best in the world) mobilize first to find a cure.

Check out who primarily funds nearly every charity, pays trillions in cash, goods and services to its allies around the world when they need it... and buys your plastic SHIT.

Hey Mexico... besides millions of illegal aliens, (who send billions in US currency back to you every year to support your asses) what else do you export to the US? That's right, billions of dollars worth of products, from furniture to electronics and beyond. If we, for even one day, stopped sending our money to you, it would be catastrophic.

Think about that for a minute.

Yes, I know all about the unpopularity of the war in Iraq. I know it sometimes seems like our president makes decisions with a Magic 8-Ball. I know that we've made some international blunders in the past 6 years.
While I'm at it, a message to the Iraqis - we're trying hard to get out of there. We know we screwed up, but our boys on the ground (who we are extremely proud of) are trying their best to set things right for you. When we leave, it's likely you are going to have to fight for freedom and democracy. Really, that's the only way it matters anyway... you gotta want it bad enough to fight.
So anyway. As for all of our shortcomings here in the United States... we know. Nobody's perfect. Everyone has ups and downs. This administration happens to be part of a down period. I hear ya.

Still. Screw you, Mexico... and everyone else in the world that fails to remember what the US has done for you. I grow tired of your selective amnesia.

And leave poor Miss USA alone! She didn't do anything to you.

Except kick your girl's ass.


Fantastagirl said...

Well put.

Ari said...

Yeah, I fail to understand why Mexico felt the need to boo Miss USA. Did it say, "Miss USA and BTW immigrants suck!" on her banner?

Anyway, I think pageants are stoooopid. Good-looking hotties do not need additional universal recognition... they go about their lives being recognized until that eternal bitch, old age, sets in. Write an effective or amusing essay, prove a theorem, or design a building. Then I'm impressed.

arthist99 said...

How bizarre. I don't watch those, because listening to those chicks usually makes me hate the general population even more than I already do, but I can see why guys like to watch the swimsuit competition.
Being jerks really isn't the best way to get us to go easier on our immigration policies...

randommoments said...

Shoot, I missed this. Though, I did hear she very gracefully stood back up and smiled the entire time she was heckled and booed.


EE said...

I think international blunders go back more than 6 years.
Excellent post!

Dave Morris said...

Right you are, EE. It's just that most people have fairly short memories, and Miss USA got boo-ed because of what's going on today... so I used the current buffoon as the example.

It's not a partisan thing, we've had all sorts of loons in the white house. When simple popularity (familiarity) drives the vote, people who are less qualified tend to get into office... whomever has the most money to buy television ads. Sad, really.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the www! Great to have you.

Fantastagirl said...

Side Note Dave - The monkey's say "Hi!" and send more bananas...