Monday, June 04, 2007


If life weren't busy enough lately, I am now consumed with the final few episodes of The Sopranos.

Never has there been a more vivid, guilty pleasure in television. I hate the way I love it. Tony Soprano is the guy every man wants to be for just a moment, minus the danger of bullets and the void of morals. You root for him and feel guilty for it.

Like a moth to a flame, there is an appeal to the danger of "the family." They are bumbling idiots at times, wildly dangerous killers at others, but in an odd way, the show is a metaphor for many aspects of life...
The next-to-last episode was filled with symbolic metaphor. The Sopranos was famous for that, but this week each scene was rife with deeper meaning. Fantastic writing. I was disappointed with the way Tony's history with Dr. Melfi ended, but even that is symbolic, in a way. It ended clumsily, as will Tony's life, probably.

I am certain I won't be the only one to miss them. Regardless of the final outcome, June 10th will be a bittersweet day.


Blogarita said...

Having never subscribed to HBO, Spouse Guy and I have a lot of catching up to do via Netflix.

We devoured Carnivale, are currently viewing the Six Feet Under seasons, and very impatiently awaiting the release of the final season of Deadwood, which comes out next week.

Maybe The Sopranos will be next on the list.

ajooja said...

I feel the same way, Dave. I love The Soprano's.

The first season was so good, so much better than any other drama at the time.

The show has had it's ups and downs, but I love this season. Can't wait for the finale, but it will be pretty sad.

Blogarita, this is a great series to watch on DVD. It'll take some time, but the entire run is some amazing television. Better than television, you know?

rosemary said...

I feel the same...but in a real way. I'm Italian, my family has been the Sopranos. While I love and hate Tony, I don't want him to be the one go down. The are so does exist

Crystal said...

i don't know about you, but i kinda wanted tony, in addition to throwing him on the floor, to punch AJ in the face a couple of times.

Fantastagirl said...

We are feeling the same way...we've watched every single episode since day 1. I can't believe it's going to be over.

Violet said...

I was all about "The Sopranos" during the first season or two... Then, I lost HBO and didn't keep up... I feel like now, it is almost too late to catch up. I guess I'll just have to have you fill me in on all the spoilers.

Ari said...

Today's the day, Dave. Mixed emotions abound: I don't want it to end, yet I can hardly stand the wait. :) Hope you have fun watching!