Saturday, January 20, 2007

Everything's a blog entry

I captured this photo tonight... of an obvious blog addict. She's taking a picture of the things she CLEANED OUT OF THE FRIDGE... to post on her blog.*

I will refrain from naming names, but it's Violet. She's going to blog about how many mustards we have.

Sorry, I forgot to say "spoiler alert!"

Anyway, I thought you should know what I'm dealing with... a certified blog addict. Stop her before she takes the camera in the bathroom to document her corn-count or something.

UPDATE: Click here to read her fridge story. That's funny, I don't care who you are.

Walking into the restaurant last night:

Violet - "Look at all the religious bumper stickers in the parking lot."
Dave - "I wonder if it's church meeting night at Bristol's."
Violet - "You know what would be fun? If we go in and excitedly talk about how 60 percent of the world's population just mysteriously disappeared."
Dave - "So they would all think they didn't make the cut for the rapture. Funny shit."
Violet - "Yeah."


There is no pet toy quite like a laser pointer pen. It's especially funny to make the pet believe it has gone insane by causing the dot to appear erratically here and there. The animal runs to it, then it disappears. The animal then begins patrolling the entire house looking for the elusive red dot.

Insane pets are the greatest kind.


It has just begun snowing, and Em/Vi is decorating a cake for her mother's birthday dinner tomorrow night. I am busy preparing our dinner, which consists of bacon-wrapped scallops (on the grill, of course) topped with an interesting apricot/horseradish chutney I threw together. A side salad, glass of wine and the curtains open to the backyard so we can watch the white stuff pile up.


*What does it say about me that I am blogging about somebody else blogging? This is a REAL sign of armageddon.


CP said...

It's nice to see you so happy.


Anonymous said...

But she will probably blog about how you blogged about her blogging.

Anonymous said...

Sufferin' succotash, that looks good!

Anonymous said...

Your dinner looks wonderful! I think we are having ribeye tonight...

and dude - clean out your fridge, unless of course it's a science experiment.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine fewer lovely settings than that: hot scallops, cold snow. :)

Lee Ann said...

Looks quite certainly know how to make a person's mouth water!

randommoments said...

I just had a sandwich but after looking at your dinner I'm hungry again.

Be thankful she wasn't going to blog against you. I thought of snapping photos of all the "things" my bf leaves around the house: socks on floor, jeans across footboard, empty beer on table, etc.

And I must say, one can never have too many mustards.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

And you can cook too.

prodgodq said...

So, do you just get up in the middle of the night and squeeze a stream of mustard down for flavor?

This is the sure sign of a future cat collector.

S said...

Oh man.. that is seriously funny about the laser pointer....but kind of mean to the pets! LOL...

I enjoy your blog too and thanks for coming by my place. :)

Anonymous said...

I did "click here". Another fun blog of note. I may have to quit exploring the blogosphere at random or I will never get my work done.

Laser pointers are fun. Did you know you can make the cats wage war against eachother with that thing? Although I discovered that none of the other cats can see it on our black kitty, which was disappointing because he's the one I want the others to pounce on!