Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Thursday Mosh

I keep thinking I will be able to depend on Blogger again soon. Surely Google will either offer a quality, dependable product, or get off the pot. Apparently they're reading the sports page. (I never understood why people are on the toilet long enough to read something or do puzzles)

I've heard about Typepad, myspace (GOD forbid) and xanga. None of them appeal to me because everyone knows my current address...

I know the 'beta' is supposed to be an upgrade, but they won't let me switch yet because my blog is too big. Oh sure, I've been turned down for other things because of huge size, but c'mon... this is the internet, which is the figurative "cavernous beaver."

Actually I'm just working through my frustration with Blogger by writing about it. Therapy for free.

And now, I feel better.


Time for some photo fun. This is the brainchild of Chris Cope. Hold the camera between your feet and use the timer to snap a self portrait!

Pick a creative position (on your back) or setting (on the couch) and snap a picture. Go on, do it. I'll wait.

(drumming fingers, picking nose, changing channels, checking balls)


Here's the same picture, only touched up to make me look older:

Do your own and post it. Or not. Whatever.


Scrubs took the form of a musical tonight. It was a good refresher on why I don't like musicals. Could it be that Scrubs "jumped the shark" tonight?

Speaking of television, American Idol began this week, and it never fails to disappoint me how disappointing it is, especially during tryouts. Every season the show attracts more and more attention-mongers who have no musical intentions.

Some contestants have no shame or pride. And that attracts VIEWERS with no shame or pride. Which brings us back to me. Oh well, it gets better when they get to Hollywood.


I've been around the block a few times, relationship-wise. Who hasn't, right? But through all of them, for whatever reason, I've chosen people either ill-suited to my personality or gold-diggers who want a free ride.

Much love to my best friend Emily, who put an end to that trend. She is the one who best understands me, appreciates my sort of unique "take" on things, and stays in spite of it all. We met one year ago this week. I am thankful for her and felt like sharing my good fortune with you.

This one's going to stick, I know it.


Anonymous said...

I can sit on the pot and read several chapters of a book until my butt goes numb. You did want to know that, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Several things: First off, Congrats on having Emily put up with you for a whole year. If I didn't have socks as old as her, I'd REALLY like her.
Secondly, Ditto on Idol. I am so over it. Yet I feel compelled to watch. What's THAT all about? Thirdly, I never watch Scrubs, but tuned it in tonight for the sole reason that it was a musical, which I heard about on my satellite radio's Broadway channel.
Fourth: The whole Foot Photo thing? Was there a hallucingenic involved in that idea?
And finally, Blogger. I give it a C-. The NEW beta blogger.... no improvement at all, and in fact creates one more annoying step in leaving comments like this.

Anonymous said...

Kim -- No hallucinagenic involved. I was just really bored.

Dave -- The second photo looks like you've Photoshopped in someone else's head.
You'll be dragged onto the new blogger eventually. Sometimes I think of actually getting my own URL, something like, but not that because that bastard New Zealander already has it.

Anonymous said...


You're awesome... This year has been an interesting one, filled with lots of ups and downs, for sure... I know that the future is only going to get better.

And don't stress too much about Blogger... Patience, Young Grasshopper... :o)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you've got here! I've been enjoying it all week.

Beta is nothin' but hype. The only thing it's got going for it is the labels. And the ability to dynamically rearrange your layout is sort of cool, if have the frequent urge to do that kinda thing and/or don't know enough HTML to accomplish it the "old fashioned" way. The log-in crap has been really, really annoying, though, since most of my blogger friends haven't switched yet.

Congrats on one year!

Anonymous said...

Dave, watch your back. Mike will be looking for revenge.

Oh and by the way, are you not the older one to begin with?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

What a handsome couple. But I'm confused. I thought you were bumping "Violet." What's she going to think?

Oh, and I can't switch to Blogger Nuevo, either. Pisses me off sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Congrat on a year! You and Em are great together!! :o)

Anonymous said...

You gonna get married, AGAIN?? Hoo boy, what a glutton.

(But good luck, Davey.)

Anonymous said...

Congrat on a year! You and Em are great together!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh man.. what a great looking couple!

I agree.. I can't wait til they narrow the field enough and get to Hollywood. Then the fun begins!!!

Blogger won't let me link my blog for some reason.. so here I am!

Anonymous said...

Cute pic!

smays said...

Re your Blogger woes:

I used Blogger from February 2002 until June 2005, when I switched to Typepad. A hassle by worth it.

Just put a link to here at Blogger and we, your loyal readers, will find you.


It's Me, Maven... said...

I think I've heard somewhere that you can move your entire archives to wordpad. Haven't figured out how to do it myself... if you find out, please email me with the procedure.

Lee Ann said...

I can't switch to beta either, my blog is too big too.
Myspace is nothing like blogger, but they have blogs within your own myspace.
Congratulations to you and Emily...hope it does stick!

Anonymous said...

hilarious pictures of you from your feet angle! funny!!!

so cute with emily!! aww, congrats on a great relationship, they don't come around often! that is so wonderful :-)

randommoments said...

Hawwww, you heart Emily! *sigh* Love bug shout outs get me every time.

Anonymous said...

hey dave,

thanks for that really nice comment on my blog. it made me smile!

so far, tests...coming back good