Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm wondering about this:

So either you get a fifty dollar fine... or a THREE HUNDRED dollar fine? What is the variable here, the judge's mood?

I think if you park in a handicapped space without a permit, you should be forced to push yourself from Boise to Omaha in a wheelchair. Then, you get wacked on the kneecaps by a boat oar.

Indulge me this handicapped joke, because you know I don't really mean it:

Q: How many handicapped people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: One, he just holds the lightbulb and thinks the whole world revolves around him.
(God forgive me for poking a little fun at the challenged. All in good humor, sir.)


Blogarita said...

Can we fine Blogger for being handicapped?

Susan said...

Being a mother of two handicap kids I appreciate all humor, you should hear how we treat the handicap in my house, but anyway, it can be frustrating when someone parks in those spots when they shouldn't, some spots say Van accessible, and since I drive a big van, I get mad when the little cars park there, handicapped or not, I need at least 8 feet of room to let the lift down and for the kids to drive off the lift, so I think there should be spots that say VANS ONLY HANDICAP PARKING, don't get me started, LOL.


Fantastagirl said...

It's a good question? Why does the fine vary?

Amandarama said...

The fine probably varies based on how many times you've committed the particular offense. Of course the simple solution is to cut the legs off the offending driver. Upside - they qualify for the parking space. Downside - Well, they qualify for the parking space.

Max said...

Susan, that is why having Josh Blue being one of the finalist on Last Comic Standing is so great. My wife is disabled and the humor we find on a daily basis can't be beat. Course you get the stuck up people that think it is immoral to laugh about disablity. As Josh Blue says,

"You're all going to hell for laughing at me"

Oh, and I know all to well about idiots and van accessiable parking spaces. Wife's van is a 2000 IMS rampvan conversion. Don't expect me to move it when she drives cause it drives me batty to do it.