Monday, June 26, 2006

Enemies of the Chiropractor

A good friend of mine is a chiropractor, so I should first say - Dr. Mike, you know I'm just kidding around.

Okay, now that THAT'S out of the way... I finally felt like writing something humorous tonight, and the noble field of chiropractic medicine came into my sites. Satire, people. Satire. I LOVE Chiropractors!

Top 10 enemies of the chiropractor:

10 - A hot bath
9 - A bag of frozen peas
8 - The fraud department at Blue Cross/Blue Shield
7 - The witch doctor
6 - The state attorney general
5 - Your friendly masseuse who offers the "happy ending" (no, wait - a good chiropractor will give you one too... and charge your insurance)
4 - Ben Gay
3 - The Craftmatic adjustable bed (also the single man's best friend)
2 - A beaded seatcover

And the number one enemy of the chiropractor:
1 - The common heating pad

Soon, on Dr. Mike's blog, I would expect to see the "top 10 enemies of the voice over guy." If he doesn't write one, I'll be disappointed.