Monday, April 14, 2008

I said this wouldn't turn into a baby blog, and I meant it

But today's events deserve coverage.

We took our first trip outside the house today, to an appointment with the pediatrician.*

I figured most parents are late to their pediatrician first-appointments, since I can't imagine them having their act together three days after the baby is born.

We were late. Upon entering the exam room, the nurse asked us to remove all of his clothes except diaper. As I followed her instructions, I noticed his diaper was full of poop. (proud moment for any parent) I also realized, at almost the same second, that we forgot to bring anything resembling a diaper bag. In fact, we had nothing. No fresh diaper, no wet wipes... just Grayson and ourselves.

Oh sure, any normal person would have felt like a bad parent, but we knew better. We're not bad parents, we're new parents. (since Courtney was born almost 19 years ago, I consider myself a rookie again) The nurse sympathized and immediately left the room to retrieve fresh diapers and wet wipes.

As I applied the fresh diaper and prepared to remove his onesy, he peed. All over the new diaper, out the top of the new diaper, onto me, the exam table and his only onesy.

Yeah, so... we had to take the baby home without a shirt. Only his pants, socks and a couple of receiving blankets wrapped around him. It worked out well, he slept all the way... even long enough for me to stop for a badly needed dose of caffeine.

We're still shaking our heads. How could we leave the house without a diaper bag? It's humbling, because in every other way, we were totally prepared. We just never anticipated our own parental inexperience.

*Grayson is in perfect health. In fact, he has gained ten ounces since we left the hospital. He is now back to within three ounces of his birth weight, which made the doctor very happy. So far, we're very lucky. He's a textbook baby, even a little skewed toward the "angel" side.


Eve said...

Love it. The joy of little boy babies... pee pee fountain. *snicker*

He is GORGEOUS, by the way!

Blogarita said...

Trust me, grabbing the diaper bag will become second nature. But it's not a bad idea to stash an extra change of clothing (for all of you...hee hee) in each vehicle.

BTW, each picture of Grayson is cuter than the one before!

Fantastagirl said...

I was going to suggest stashing extra diapers, wipes and change of clothes in each vehicle, that way if you do forget the bag- you have something. And I highly doubt you are the first parent to do that!

Weary Hag said...

Again, congrats to all and I'm so happy everyone is healthy and thrilled ...
but one little comment on your last post Dave. The one about arriving at home after the hospital?
She pushes out an almost ten pound human LIFE and he complains about an uncomfy chair.
Need we women say more?

(hope you realize my silly humor and know that I'm just teasing you ... kinda)

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

I promise that won't be the first time that happens....the peeing, the not having an spare diaper, or wipes, or onesie or matter how good you get at it all...

He is just gorgeous!!! And I know gorgeous baby boys when I see 'em...can't wait to meet him!

rosemary said...

Ok, this will be funny to you eventually. I think Emily needs a new designer handbag/diaper bag as in $500.00 worth. Coach, or if she needs a really expensive one I am sure Louie would oblige.