Thursday, April 10, 2008

Background on Grayson

On a separate, private blog, (called Letters To Sparky) I posted an explanation to him about why we named him Grayson. Here's a copy of that letter:



Mom and I have decided what your name will be!

Maybe I should say Mom gave in. Look, if you eventually end up hating your name it is my fault, okay. Mom is not responsible... I pushed really hard for it.* But I think you'll love it as much as I do.

The guy who first told me I could make a living in the voice over business was Bob Grayson. He hired me at his radio station and became my first client. Over the years we became dear friends. He also helped get my career off the ground.

A little more than a year ago, Bob died of cancer. He died while I was out of town and couldn't attend his funeral. I had no opportunity to say goodbye to him or honor him in any way, and have carried that burden since. Then one day while talking to a friend, the name came up and it occurred to me that naming you after my old friend would be a very special tribute to him.

Thus, your first name. That's right son - you're Bob!

Just kidding, we would never do that to you.Your first name is Grayson. It's a powerful name... handsome and mysterious. Mom thinks it sounds a little serious, but I really believe it will help you find happiness and good fortune.

Of course we decided a long time ago that your middle name is Thomas, after your Uncle Tommy. Your Mom and I both feel that if you turn out anything like him, it's all either of us could ask.

Finally, you are the last male in a long lineage of Morrises. After me, the name would have died. Now you will carry it proudly forward and be the family's prodigy. It's up to you to pass it on if you choose.

Grayson Thomas Morris. It's a really great name. Respect it. There may be times in life when it's all you have, so do your best to keep it clean, honest and unscathed.

Although Mom and I both love the nickname Sparky, I'm happy we can finally call you something else!



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