Wednesday, April 09, 2008

God's calendar is waaay off...

I thought I'd post a quick update to tell you the baby is overdue.

We were supposed to deliver last Sunday, but I guess he's too comfortable and warm to come out yet. Maybe he's waiting for the warmer weather of Spring - so far it's been colder than normal here.

So we wait. Saturday we went to the grocery store and the cashier asked when we were due. "Yesterday," we said. "Well what are you doing HERE? None of us knows how to deliver a baby!"

As if she believed the baby just falls out unexpectedly. We got a good laugh. It also allowed us to slip through the "20 items of less" lane with 21 items.

I admit, I will miss being able to park in the "expectant mothers" space.


ajooja said...

People are dumbasses. I hope everything goes well, soon. :)

Violet said...

Ah, those parking spots are for New and Expectant mothers, so I think we can milk it for a little while longer!

Eve said...

Are they going to INDUCE?! I had 3 friends go overdue. The last week or so of preganancy is bad. But a bonus week REALLY sucks!! ha ha Good luck =)