Friday, April 18, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet

This morning at 4:37 central, St. Louis shook.

An exerpt from the Post-Dispatch message board:

"My bird started flipping out a few minutes before it happened and woke me up. I walked out into the living room and heard all the birds in the neighborhood all going nuts, I knew something was gonna happen. Then stuff started shaking."
Strange how animals know it's coming before it arrives. 5.2 on the scale. Nothing near what we experienced in 1971 in Los Angeles, (which is the only quake I can remember) but it's a little scary for the "inlanders" around here.

We've been up every two or three hours all night, and wouldn't you know it... the quake happened between feedings, when we were asleep. We've been so sleep deprived lately, when we're out, we're OUT. We never felt a thing.


Blogarita said...

I experienced a quake in Alaska in 1995. Pretty strange experience.

Our news said that thousands of people here could feel feel this morning's quake, but it was 10 minutes or so before our alarm, so we didn't notice anything.

I'm curious, though, if there was an aftershock this morning around 10:15. The dogs in the 'hood all went crazy barking and the needle on my little scale I use for weighing eBay shipments was rocking all over the place...but I didn't feel a thing.

Blogarita said...
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Paula said...

We felt it too...Ask Mike about his Earthquake procedures comment I've been razing him all day about!!!

Pretty freaky stuff!!