Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Emily and Sparky's birthday

Em was born on April 10. So will Sparky be.

We received word this afternoon that we will be induced tomorrow morning at 6 am. Sparky and Em will have the same birthday, which really makes it easy on me. There will be only two major shopping days every year, December 24 and April 9.

I will have the laptop and our camera at the hospital, so don't think I won't be posting pictures of the handsome little guy.

Stop in tomorrow for an update. Wish us luck!


ajooja said...

Great news! I wish you a good night's sleep and a wonderful day.

Blogarita said...

A double birthday! What fun!

Here's to a worry-free delivery.

Me! said...

I've been checking every day for the last couple weeks. Looking forward to hearing about the little guy.. and finding out what his name will be. :-)

Eve said...

The irony, out of 365 days?!


arthist99 said...

Congratulations! Good luck to all tomorrow. I hope it's quick and painless. Can't wait for updates! :)

Karen said...

You are too funny!!