Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My daughter's boyfriend, and the space shuttle. Intellectually as far apart as possible.

First, an update. The boyfriend has been warned. I met with my daughter and him, remained civil and even tempered, and explained the severity of the consequences of a recurrence. He took it well, but that doesn't earn him any points... he hit my daughter. He's lucky to have a functional set of testicles right now. There will be no free passes, if it happens again he will find himself in an impromptu meeting with me and a ball bat.

She was surprisingly appreciative, and later I reminded her (quite fruitlessly) that she deserves better. Sheesh, what is it with kids these days?

What kind of idiot could hurt someone like this?

By the way, she is the new hostess at Bandana's Barbecue starting this evening. It's her first job, and she's pretty excited. I'm really proud of her.


The shuttle astronauts partipated in a space walk today, during which time a bolt and washer slipped from the astronaut's hand and drifted away into space.

It's too bad True Value hasn't yet launched their orbiting hardware store... that bolt would only cost like four cents to replace. As it stands, NASA will probably pay a thousand bucks for the bolt, and will have to launch a special mission just to replace it. (plus they'll probably bring a 3/8 inch head, when they really need a 25mm metric)

As for the washer, Maytag hasn't yet launched their orbiting appliance store, either...


sista smiff said...

This is why there's a large part of me that wants my daughter to be an old maid. I can't stand this for you. I hope it's better now.

Violet said...

Can't you just imagine the astronaut walking into the local Home Depot, searching through all those little drawers, trying to find the right size bolt to replace the one that got away? Would he even be able to open those little drawers with those big gloves on anyway?

My question is... why didn't they send a couple extra bolts up in the first place? I mean, it isn't like they bought an "assembly required" coffee table at Wal-Mart, where you always end up one short on the hardware.

Mishka said...

Good job Dave on having the talk. Hope he gets the hint but if he doesn't, he can't say you didn't warn him. It sucks that your daughter doesn't realize that she deserves to be treated right....grrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say...whether it's a boy or man, once they hit - they will hit again. Focus on why she is in a relationship with someone like and even willing to give him another chance. Violence should never, under any circumstance be tolerated - never, never, never.

Dave Morris said...

We definitely need to address what makes her stay in this physically abusive relationship, but that will have to be her decision, too. Her mom has greatly resisted counseling because it might shine light on some things... but my hope is, C will want to start going soon. I've made it clear that it's available to her anytime she wants.

As for meeting violence with violence - Courtney is analogous to the World Trade Center, CJ is al Qaeda, and I'm the US military. Now does it make sense? His best bet is to be nice to her. If he doesn't, I simply can't sit idly by.

Blogarita said...

It sounds as if, in addition to distancing herself from this punk kid, maybe it's time that she put some distance between her and her mother.

But again, Courtney is of an age that it has to be her decision. Have you discussed it with her?

Eve said...

She's gorgeous.

You're better than me, Davey.

I would hurt him.