Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sundry fleeting nonsensical ponderings, cleverly disguised as a blog entry

Went to check out "Click," starring Adam Sandler last night. It was okay, but the first two thirds of the movie were mostly comprised of horrible acting, completely improbable situations (as if having a remote control which can control the world around you is probable) and cheesy dialogue. The final thirty minutes were at times moving, sometimes a bit maudlin. It was "It's a Wonderful Life" all over again... and that wouldn't be so bad, except Adam Sandler is no Jimmy Stewart.

Two out of five stars.

Freakin' national league. Will we ever win an All Star game again?

I finally have a grip on my workload, after a few days off for the holiday last week. I should be able to breathe in a few hours, I have one last big burst of catching up to do. I have no stress compared to some, I am a lucky son-of-a-bitch.

Are you organized? If so, can you teach me? Can it even BE taught?

After chatting with a friend who has similar challenges, I realized recently that I am a piler... not a filer. If it sounds like psychology mumbo jumbo, that's because it is. Isn't it great how shrinks have all these rhyming terms that help us understand ourselves? So very catchy... and I pay 150 an hour to hear them.

I used to be married to a filer - and in retrospect, that was probably one of the (few) things we had going for us. You should see my office. I MUST get things unpiled... and filed. If anyone would like to volunteer to help, I am so very, very open to that. I'll buy the pizza and beer. And xanax.

Otherwise, I've found that the trash can is a great organizer...

Cut/pased from an email I just received:
Coastal cities from only $54/night, act now! New York, San
Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Boston and other favorites are all on sale!

Look, guys. Paint it however you like, but unless you're calling Savannah a suburb of Atlanta, it isn't a "coastal city." And would you really pay 70 dollars a night for Atlanta (as the ad says) when you could have Frisco for 84 dollars a night?

Maybe Atlanta is your thing, I happen to like it too... but not this time of year. It's 130 heat index. SF is about 78 degrees and clear, for 14 bucks a day more.

And don't you love how just because I checked rates ONE time for a flight to Las Vegas, they email me every time there's a two-percent-off sale for that route? Thanks for the spam, assholes, I went to Vegas seven years ago. I don't need those figures now.

End travel rant.


mcBlogger said...

I'm a piler thoughts are with you.

Violet said...

I really think that movies are supposed to be rated out of four stars... So, are you saying that you're giving "Click" 1.6 stars out of 4?

My favorite filing system is the trash can, also. Tend to get myself in trouble that way...

Blogarita said...

I'm a piler and a filer. I prefer to have things on the desk filed, but I'm too distracted at times to get the job done, so I have a basket to pile it all in until I find/make time to file. It's not neat, but it keeps it from getting all over the desk.

Nobody said...

I have piles and piles of files. My desk is often referred to as the "file pile".

Fantastagirl said...

At work - I am a filer/3 ring binder type person - every project has a notebook - and then when project is done - contents are taken out of 3 ring binder and filed in the file cabinet, or permanent storage...

at home I am a piler...

Why? I think it's because I'm tired when I get home that and Mr. Incredible is a piler - so it's a never ending battle.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

The best part is the "from". I filed it.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm a defiler.

CP said...

What happened in Vegas?

Did it stay there?


miajustine said...

Creative types are pilers. they are also ADD, ADHD, OCD and any other syndrome "they" can come up with, like RPS. What's that you say? Restless Piler Syndrome. They'll have a new drug coming to a pharmacy near you soon. I won't be taking it though, If I become a filer... how the hell would I find anything?

Russ said...

OK Dave. One MORE time.

We've been doing this for years. When it piles up you have to F.A.R.T. remember?

F ile it (as in save)
A ct on it (as in do something now)
R oute it (as in pass it on)
T rash it (as in BFI)

oops... another acronym. We'll deal with that some other day.

It's Me, Maven... said...

Color me "Rain Man":

Did you notice that "filer" have the same letters in it as "flier" and "rifle?"