Saturday, February 19, 2005

What would Jesus drive?

On the way to retrieve my daughter today, I was behind a mini van. My friends all know of my disdain for said vehicles - not sure exactly why. I just hate 'em.

So the van was moving in and out of traffic with no concern for any vehicle that might be in the way. If he wanted to change lanes, he did... regardless. Move if you don't wanna get hit. And he didn't use his turn signal.

Side note: Ever daydream that you have the ability to blow up a vehicle with special gamma ray vision? Just look at it, get that expression on your face (the one of extreme concentration, sort of like Condoleeza Rice looks all the time) and the car goes boom. I am still dealing with the guilt which comes with those daydreams. But that's another story.
So finally I have the chance to pass Mr. Asshole mini-van driver and take the opportunity to glare at him. What I see is priceless.

The people are praying. The driver has one hand in the air, the passenger has both hands in the air - and they are both looking up and... chanting. In unison. I nearly ran off the road.

I wonder, do people really believe they can conduct themselves in whatever manner they wish and God will keep them safe?

Except for the fact they had survived this long, (they looked to be in their 40s) I'd say they were NUTS. I don't think God has much to say about changing lanes.

But I'll bet he has a LOT to say about misuse of gamma ray vision.


ty bluesmith said...

they were probably praying that everyone else gets left behind while they are taken up immediately, smugly grinning the smile of the hypocrit the entire time.

me, i have special eye lasers just for those very instances.

Jetru said...

You can't be I can't imagine people praying in a van. It makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Huh huh. huh huh. huh huh. gamma ray vision is cool. huh huh.

who hasn't wanted to blow up another driver. huh? some religions think that if you just think of sinning its a sin. so we're all cold calculating killers now? yep.

The Cuke said...

I think God would want you to use such a power for good and not evil. With this consideration, i believe it is fair and safe to say that blowing up that particular mini-van would have been, in both your, God's and my opinion, GOOD use of your gamma ray vision.