Sunday, February 27, 2005

This week has been wack

I did a morning show all week on the radio, worked in the recording studio all day, and 3 evenings I had outside appointments. Okay, maybe a couple of them were "drinking" appointments but so what? I'm looking for sympathy.

I haven't had my usual time to commit to my blog this week - and next week I'm in Nashville for important meetings. (and by meetings, of course I mean "drinking" appointments) It's time for the annual Country Radio Seminar, a time when radio types get together, talk about their year, discuss the future and... drink. Alot.

Side note: Country Radio Seminar is normally shortened to CRS. Which by the end of the week, usually stands for Can't Remember Shit.

During the course of the week there will be country artists roaming around the bar, you'll see people like Toby Keith, Hank Jr., a ton of start-up artists... and record companies whose job it is to see that their songs get played on your radio station. Those efforts include buying drinks and cigars for radio people at a pace reminiscent of a long-tailed cat covering up shit in a room full of rocking chairs.

Fortunately I'm not in charge of music at any radio station, those days are over. Now I attend the seminar simply for the opportunity to see clients and tell lies. Er, I mean share ideas. I will have my laptop and internet service, so chances are I'll have interesting stories to blog about. And probably compromising pictures, so "stay tuned."


Now it's time for our lovely Sunday morning ritual. I've made coffee, and in minutes my wife and I will sit and enjoy a cup. Right before she puts on her coat and heads out the door to show property and do an "open house."

Ahhhh, Sunday mornings with a realtor.


Old Horsetail Snake said...

Hank Jr.? Really? My favorite Monday Night Footballer. Give him a friendly nubbie for me.

~kimberly~ said...

On April Fools Day..glue your wifes coffee cup to the table, and pour it for her as she enters the room. :) Sure she might be mad at the damage you just did to the table, but youll get an extra minute or two with her before she leaves. Hehehe

Ohh, crap! She reads this blog doesnt she? ....Look away!! Look away!! :)

Unga~Chunga said...

Hi Dave! Thanks for visiting my Blog! I'm intrigued by your 'voice over' communications job and your connection to Nashville! Going down to Nashville the end of March with daughter to scout jobs and housing. By day she has her sights set for a music entertainment degree and wants to eventually get into agent management. By night she sings her heart out at any karaoke bar she can find! Any suggestions for our 3 day trip?

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

Convention blogging! I can't wait for the inside dirt. Even if I don't know anything about country music, reading things people don't want me to know is always a highlight.