Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Carrot Cake

You can't taste the carrots. So why is it "carrot cake?" Shouldn't we preserve the world's carrot supply and just make the CAKE? Send the carrots to Ethiopia or Sudan where they're needed. Maybe to Germany, those people need some color.

Anyone? Beuller? WTF?


Bookfraud said...

so, so true. they use carrot shavings, no? waste and more waste -- the american way.

from a linguistic p.o.v., the "carrot cake" debate reminds me of "room temperature" -- what the hell is that? It's ALWAYS room temperature in the room, damnit!

paula said...

I love carrot cake, with that cream cheese frosting...YUM

~kimberly~ said...

I done like my carrot cake at room temperature. But if its nice and cold ...mmm that cream cheese frosting is mmm mmm good!!