Saturday, June 30, 2007


I know you'll be shocked, but I did it.

I stood in line for about an hour yesterday to get the new Apple iPhone. Yes, me. In line. I've never stood in line for anything, and yet I succumbed to the intense hype. The siren called out to me. All that shit.

Talk about a geek-fest. There were 30 people in line with me at the O'Fallon MO AT&T store, and I was #29. When I arrived, the sales guy looked at me with a sort of "I'm waiting for you to ask me about the iPhone" look on his face. So of course I indulged him.

"How many phones do you have, and am I too late?" It was 5:55 pm, a full FIVE MINUTES before the doors opened. He gave me this little wink that was simultaneously geeky and cocky... and one of those dorky tongue clicks. The only thing missing was the finger-as-pistol "Shooter McGee" motion. He fished around in his pocket. This was his moment to shine!

"Here ya go." He handed me a voucher that guaranteed me the right to purchase a phone. A little quiver passed through my body... much the same feeling as when you find out your application for auto financing has been approved.

And I've paid less for a car.

I bought a 4 gig model and so far I'm elated. Overall, the network's speed is more than compensated for by the incredible functionality of the phone. The email, voice mail and usability of Safari, the internet interface all seem unparalleled. The screen is bright, easy to navigate and the calls are clear. I've been on Cingular for a long time, and at least in this area, it has the most reliable coverage of all the cell companies.

When I plugged the unit into my laptop, (a PC-*gasp!*)it synched easily with iTunes, went online automatically, and in about 5 screens I had transferred my service from my old cell to the iPhone. Seamlessly, the new phone took over. It synched all my contacts from Outlook, my calendar entries and the photos and music I had decided to add to the iPhone.

It also automatically added all my email accounts to the iPhone. The email automatically downloads to the phone and alerts me when I have new messages. The voicemail interface is great - it actually lists all your messages, who they're from, and each has a play button you can click to listen on speaker. No more dialing into the network and navigating the BS menus.

The unit is also an iPod, although that function won't be very important to me.

I really do believe this phone is a groundbreaking new tool, with the amazing animated graphic interface, its versatility (some of which I'm not even aware of yet) and functionality. (more of which I'm not yet aware) On my home wi-fi network, it flies. On the Cingular network, it's a bit slow. They guaranteed me they are working on getting better speed out of their system.

I now have a Sprint Pocket PC 6700 for sale. If you're interested (and haven't succumbed to the alure of the iPhone) let me know. I'll make you a hell of a deal. It comes with a 1 gig data card.

I'll keep you updated on how MiPhone performs.

Oh. This is my last hurrah. I'm finished buying high tech stuff for a while. ;)

EDIT: I just realized I've used my phone for several days, yet never opened the instruction book. This thing is extremely intuitive.


wheatgerm said...

I hope this was worth it.

Steve said...

Nice review. I hope you'll post more as you incorporate this into your day to day experience.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

We should have a picture of you standing in line, just for posterity.

Does Apple know you write commercials for them? Better let them know -- they might pay you.

pinkhippo said...

You are in the line? I was watching news yesterday about people queueing for this phone.

I am proud of you. Too bad it will take a while before they arrive in Singapore.

Have fun with your new toy. :)

Matt Gordon said...

Congratulations, Dave!

I got to fondle, er, test one out today at the Apple store in West County. So verrrry nice! I'll definitely pull the trigger later this year.

Please keep us updated with how it's working out for you!


mckay said...


so, is the iphone ever going to branch out to other service providers other than AT&T?
i'm a verizon gal.

random moments said...

I threw up in my mouth a little when you said the words "waited in line".

Those little nifty things have been the top story on all news channels (and few others) for the last week or so. Craziness.

Violet said...

"the last hurrah," huh?

LAST implies FINAL which in turn means NO MORE FROM HENCE FORWARD.

are you sure you want to make that claim? in writing? in a public forum? because it may come back to haunt you...


heidi said...

Hey Dave, long time no visit. You are doing well of course and funny as ever.

Had to comment here, bought the Pancake the 8 gig as his wedding gift. People said I was supposed to buy him a watch but PULLEEEEZ he's a mac geek to the Nth degree, I knew what he wanted!