Saturday, March 04, 2006

Landmark Weekend

Spinning Girl pointed out (and was the official click that did it) that my blog just hit 40,000 visitors! Normally, that would be a really neat landmark, except that SG hit that mark in about half the time it took me... so I'm not letting it go to my head. (if you need me, I'll be getting a massage and pedicure at the country club)

Really, I don't care about numbers, this blog is not a tool for my ego, (yeah, right) (no, it's really not) (yes it is, I'm all about my counter) (that's so not true!) (yes it is, and also I'm a comment whore) (no, I'm not) (whateva) but I thought it might be neat to see what other things around the world total 40,000:

  • In Cameroon, the Yaounde water supply project cost 40,000 million CFAF, which, according to my calculations, is a shitload of CFAF.
  • In June 2004, John Kerry proposed that the US add 40,000 additional active-duty troops to our armed services. That didn't happen, because the election didn't exactly go his way.
  • 40,000 is the number of people in Karachi who were protesting the cartoons of Muhammed. Coincidentally, I just drew a set of balls on a picture of John the Baptist and nothing is being lit on fire here.
  • 40,000 is the number of tools available at ONE is the number of tools who host American Idol.
  • $40,000 is the approximate cost of an Escalade, prior to adding the 15" subwoofers and spinner rims, which inevitably follow any Escalade purchase.
  • 40,000 is the series number of the Microplane Kitchen Grater. Developed for the woodshop... perfected for the kitchen, it has patented cutting edges originally designed for shaving wood. The 40000 series Microplane® graters are the original woodworking/ kitchen tools.

Clearly I have a lot of company at 40,000. I can't wait to get to 69,000 - imagine what I can find Googling the number 69. (and that's just one very tame example)


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I thought 40,000 was the number of pieces of ass Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have had.

Used Hack said...

Yeah, the numbers are weird. It took me six months to get to 10,000. Now, it will take me less than three months to get to 20,000. My sitemeter thinks I'll be getting 10,000 a month very soon.

I guess I care, but not as much as I do about writing something decent every day. I wish I could just blog. I seem to always be telling a story. I fucking hate that. (No pun intended.)

The numbers give me pressure ... and while I write better under pressure, I don't like it.

I wish I could just write what I wanted, when I wanted like a lot of others seem to be able to do.

CP said...


The number of bras I have tried on in a lifetime before I found one that fit.

The number of times I have used Buzz Lightyear before gluing him to my thigh.

The number of parasites I come in contact with at my job daily.


Weary Hag said...

In order to make this comment, I need to announce that I am not Hag. I am borrowing her computer. That out of the way, I've always thought the 69 position was overrated. Personally, until you've tried the 96, you ain't seen nothin.

Again, I am NOT Hag. No, really... Hag did NOT type this comment.

(christ I do hate disclaimers)

Kathy said...

40,000! I'd have a stoke!

Spinning Girl said...

Great post; funniest by far was your comment about Ryan Seacrest. What a goddam tool he is, eh?

And thanks for the mention.

My blog kicks your blog's ass! 51,540 baby!

Ari said...

Someday I can hope to be at that number, I spose. But right now it's that divided by a lot. Congrats!

oregoncelticlady said...

Greetings! Fell in here laughing, reading your post on Hag's blog about the scotch! This is too funny. You know, SG couldn't do it without that cute monkey....;-) to SG!?
Your John the Baptist thing reminded me of some chatters in college that signed into the religion room as "Jesus' right testical" and "Jesus' left testical" just to watch the thimpers go crazy....what a giggle.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hey, congrats on 40k. You know what else? 40,000 is the number of times every day bloggers compare George Bush to Adolf Hitler.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Man, you do get a lot of hits. I was looking at your graph of per-day hits.

Most impressive, young Jedi.

Dave Morris said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I downloaded the first graph I could find on google image search. This isn't my stat counter, I only get about a hundred or so hits per day.

Unlike you, Bug's Butt, who likely gets several hundred a day. But hey, your writing kicks my writing's ass with one arm tied behind it's back and a bag tied over it's metaphoric head.

Spinning Girl said...


Dave Morris said...

Thanks SG, but I'm taking a stand. It doesn't make sense that 's on ANY other word shows possession, yet the rule is different for "it's." I believe it's one of those rules that needs to be changed, and I'm the one who will change it, one it's at a time, Oxford be damned!

(I love talking all big and shit, especially because you know me well enough to know I just don't give a flying flip) (yet, I really do want the rule changed) (I also want the rule about overuse of parentheses changed) (no I don't) (yes I do) (is there something in my eye?)

The Doggy Did It said...


I was just so thrilled when I hit 1000 on Saturday!

But I am new, so I will try to be patient. Now if I can just get more people to leave comments, I will be all set!

Go leave comments you fuckers...:)

Just kidding...sorta


oregoncelticlady said...

I would like to join the PARENTHSIS FOR IT campaign! Just because "it" has not chosen, established or publically shared "it's" gender, we do not have the right to haphazardly take away "it's" right to show possesion! Now, as for over/misuse of quotation marks...
Hey, I just wish someone would show me how to get a blog counter! I am probably up to at least 60 now!

Lee Ann said...

I am not quite there yet, I still have a little over 8,000 to go!
It is amazing...when I started this thing, I never knew it would be so fun! My one year blog anniversary comes up June 29! Your first comment on my blog was July 20 (less than 1 month from my beginning).

Keep up the good work Dave!

Lee Ann said...

Did you notice (what) I did for you up there?

Amandarama said...

Congrats! Hell, I'm happy if I get 1000 a month...