Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Abramoff's going to prison... Abramoff's going to prison...

But only for about six years.

It's time to "delete" all lobbyists. Then, delete all congressional incum- bents. Then, delete... oh gosh, who can we delete next? Maybe you have suggestions.

How about any fat f*ck who puts his/her own financial well being over that of his/her employees. Or any political fat f*ck who puts their own needs above those of his/her country.

Don't get me started on this. I've about had it with DC. That town needs an enema.

So, frankly, does corporate America.

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Chris Cope said...

Did I mention I'm leaving this country? That feels like a cop-out, but sometimes I'm happy to be a cop-out.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Them fuckers that fuck with us are going to get their fuck fucked.

I think that includes Congress. I'm not sure.

Lee Ann said...

I want to delete the idiot drivers that truly do not know the rules of driving. You know, the ones that won their driver's license in a poker game!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

They'll be makin' love to his backside for 70 months. That'll learn him.

I just rented a documentary on Enron. Fascinating. But what pricks those guys were.

You think you'd stop breaking the law after your first 100 million dollars!

heidi said...

DOn't even get me started. I could go off on the fact that our country has a large number of citizens fighting a war for oil with not a goddamn thing to offer them when they get back except free medical which they'll have to wait in line for as if they are the uninsured trying to get cancer treatment. But I'll refrain from going off.

phoenix said...

You should go read and watch the video I posted today. I think of all the people I know on here... your opinion on it is the one I am most interested in hearing. :)