Monday, November 29, 2004

Rain and Politics

Another day of rain - the sun was out for about 10 minutes yesterday and it looks like Wednesday before we see it again. Rain today, tonight, tomorrow... and tomorrow night maybe snow. Well shit!

Just engaging in a debate on a political message board. Some people amaze me - those who only know talking points or what their church teaches. Free thinkers are sometimes hard to find. My political beliefs are somewhere in the "middle", I'm a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. (pardon the oversimplification for conversations sake) And I believe MOST Americans are somewhere in the middle. The wings of the political parties (Hollywood on one end, Jerry Falwell on the other) represent a small minority of our countrymen. Yet those wingers are constantly touted as examples by their opposing parties. Liberals say conservatives are racist religious haters, and conservatives say Michael Moore is a shining example of the Democratic party. And because of that, the perception of our country beyond our borders is inaccurate. We're not war mongers, but we'll protect ourselves. We're not fiscally irresponsible, but we're not greedy. We are a Christian founded and valued society, but we don't (and shouldn't) impose those beliefs on our citizens. We share more of our wealth with those in need than any other country on Earth. So how did we get such a bad rap??

We need friends in the world, but our extreme political discourse paints a pretty ugly picture of who we are. Political rhetoric is at an all-time high and the world is watching. Every time I turn on a political talk show, whether left or right-leaning, my bull-shit meter pegs.

Okay, enough about politics. Into the studio now for several recording sessions. Meantime the rain falls. And falls.

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