Saturday, November 27, 2004

National Treasure & stuff

Saw National Treasure the other night, was a good movie. It's a reality stretch, but most really good movies are. Great story line. So tonight was a movie night with just the kids and me. I tried to talk them into something else, but they REALLY wanted to see N-T. I relented. It was actually better the second time - I caught more of the nuance.

I was just reading about the Reno flight cancellations due to an 18-inch snow. Reminds me of a Thanksgiving ski trip to Tahoe 7 years ago this week. It was incredibly cold but what a great time. Skied (sp?) at Heavenly Valley... and it was. I'm a rookie on skis, I can do green slopes and sometimes the easy blues. I tried the really LONG skis the first time down the slope and discovered I was not ready for those. Spent most of the first trip down on my ass.

Had an hour or so earlier to ponder parenthood... my daughter is here now, and odd weekends. (her Mom lives in Columbia, MO) As much as I try to teach her, it's odd how much I learn from HER. For instance - parents who befriend their kids do them a disservice - and I see it often with other parents. It's natural to want to be their friend so they'll tell you what's going on. But if they think of you as a friend, the first time you challenge them the friendship is harmed. You CAN parent in a friendly way and exhibit some of the qualities of a friend... but a child has many friends - they only have 2 parents. Obviously as Courtney matures there is GREAT opportunity for friendship, it's an important progression. What 30 year old wants an authority figure for a parent???

More tomorrow. Not bad for the first day, but I'll try to discuss more interesting topics in the future!

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