Sunday, November 28, 2004


Another 5-hour night. I need to get caught up on sleep, and apparently holiday weekends are NOT the time to do it.

We generally have lots of company at our house and this weekend was no exception. Next weekend won't be either, although I'm not complaining. My brother's ex-girlfriend was our guest this weekend. If it sounds strange, it isn't... she and my wife have remained friends so she visits from Jefferson City every month or two. Next weekend we have friends in town from Traverse City, Michigan. Great friends I met on a business trip to San Diego one time. We laughed our asses off about the stupidest things - and really irritated some of the people at the pool at the Hotel del Coronado. Then it was off to bother the animals at the San Diego Zoo with singer/songwriter Matraca Berg. I had ridden a jet ski all afternoon with my friend Matt Corbin - and we had been jumping the wake of an aircraft carrier that was leaving the bay. (never underestimate the wake created by a freakin' aircraft carrier) My legs were like noodles after the ride and about 18 additional margaritas. Later, walking up a slight incline at the zoo my legs just gave out and I fell on my ass. My thanks to Corbin and Jim & Ryan the Michigan friends for the laughter and pointing. Assholes.

The good news is, the Rams are playing on Monday night this week... so I can put off the pain of another loss for an extra day. Martz and the Rams just suck this year. 5-5 with no relief in sight. He's ignored the special teams and let the defense rot away under the new coaching of the Arizona Cardinals former defensive coach. HUH!?!?!?!?!

There is a really bright burning ball in the sky and some of the St. Louis natives are scared this morning. We've seen it before, but it's been a week or two. I'm going to make some breakfast now, the kids are hungry.

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