Friday, October 19, 2007

Insurance sucks. Wii rules. Did I mention insurance sucks?

I knew I disliked living in this area for SOME reason... (no offense to minivan owners, it's just a thing for me)

This confirms why. Fuzzy picture because I had to snap a pic from the television.


Honesty is not the best "policy."

When applying for health insurance, do yourself a favor, if you don't already - lie about everything. Pre-existing conditions, pending babies, recent colds... everything.

Recently, when filling out an application for individual insurance, I (mistakenly) answered the questions honestly. I admitted we were having a baby.

Apparently in Missouri, when an insured person has a child, their insurance company is required by law to cover the baby from birth to a certain age. Therefore, if they approved my application, they might be liable if we have any kind of problems with the baby.

They declined me in SPITE of the fact that we're insuring the baby through Em's work insurance.

Fucking blood-sucking bastards. Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield is the culprit, but I'm sure it doesn't matter WHO you apply with. They are all the same, sadly.

For the moment, I am without health insurance. Oh, and if you ever WANT health insurance, do yourself the favor and DON'T call anyone at the Brooke Insurance & Financial Services agency. They are a waste of time.


Life is GREAT right now! Things are coming together around the house, Em is ever-so-slightly showing, which makes her even more beautiful, and I'm almost caught up with paperwork and stuff in my office.

We're starting to put money away for the baby and wedding, so Emily is insisting I DON'T buy a Nintendo Wii. But the more I play with Dr. Mike's Wii (that didn't sound right) the more I think I will sneak to Best Buy early one morning and grab one.

Yeah that's what I said.*


I'm about to kick off the weekend. First, I will go to McGurk's outside patio and have 2 martinis and an order of wings or rings. (or lings, if you're asian) Then I plan to relax a lot this weekend, probably watch some television, maybe go on a bike ride. Weather will be perfect, 78 degrees both days.

Have a great one.

*of course I will have to deal with Em's wrath, but hey, I'm 40-something. I do what I want.


Amandarama said...

Wow. That sucks about the insurance. Mr. Scoop used to work in claims. He can't stand anything insurance related now.

I totally want to get a Wii. I'm addicted to Wii Sports, especially the boxing game.

Annie Jones said...

I'm sure your friend Mike will appreciate having his Wii all to himself.

Fantastagirl said...

Em - I'm really sorry - but you have to let Mike have a Wii... even I like ours....

(I'm sure every girlfriend, wife, and mother is ready to hang me for saying that - but... its true, and if you tell Mr. Incredible - I'll deny, deny , deny....)

mckay said...

don't buy the Wii. trust me on this.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Hell, yes. You don't want to start asking permission now....

Ashley said...

How is the McGurk's outside patio? I keep wanting to go there, yes they have been there for a long time and I have yet to make a stop there. I always forget about the place.

P.S. I have started my radio career...I'll shoot you an e-mail and tell you all about it! Can you believe it...the dreams are coming true! haha!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

That two-martini ritual sounds like heaven.