Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wii, the people

Emily, regarding whether we should order dessert last night: "The baby wants some, I can't help it."

Emily, explaining how she knows: "Have YOU ever had a child? It told me telepathically, through the umbilical cord."

I wanted to make a record of those quotes, I'm sure we'll want to reference them at a later date.

This probably won't be the last time the baby will be used to get her way... in fact, I'll bet it's the BABY that doesn't want me to have a Wii. It already has Dad wrapped around its little finger. Apparently, telepathically.


Speaking of dessert, it was only yesterday that I divulged (on Annie's blog) that Em and I are vowing to eat at home for 30 days. Just for a change of pace, we're preparing menus, power-grocery-shopping, etc. in order to prepare each evening's meal ourselves.

About six hours after I told Annie of our "dine-at-home" plans, we were sitting in Bristol's restaurant browsing a menu.

It's not that we're weak. Em found out late yesterday afternoon that her classes had been canceled for the week. Since she isn't usually home Monday nights, we hadn't planned dinner.

At least that's the excuse we're going with.

Monday night is my "night out" when I generally watch Monday Night Football on TV at a bar somewhere and have beer and a salad. Spending it with Em was MUCH more fun... although there was nothing on television except football.

We could have played the Wii, I guess...


This little piggy said "wii, wii, wii..." all the way home.


Annie Jones said...

Will Power. Where is he when you need him?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You're killing me already, BDD. Buy the freakin' Wii. It's only like 250 or so. Check eBay.

Do a couple extra voice-overs.

And consider this. In a few years, the Wii can be the baby's toy! So you're just being a generous and thoughtful dad-to-be.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Oh, I've been where you and Violet are. I've vowed to not eat out for a week or whatever length of time.

It's tough. In fact, I'm buying an electric smoker to encourage eating and cooking at home.

Dave Morris said...

LBB, this is EXACTLY what I've been telling Violet. Affording the Wii is not the problem, convincing her I can't wait until Christmas is the problem! haha!

Violet said...

Wii'll talk about this later...

Weary Hag said...

Wii? Can't you be a bit more creative now that you have that nifty hi-def camcorder, Dave?
I like the BDD. Seems to suit you well.

As to eating out ... what can I say? We dine in every night except Thursday or if we have guests in from out of town. Wait. Even on Thursdays, we ORDER out and pick up 'whatever' ... bring it home and have a living room picnic. Try it sometime. Now you can even get an entire steak dinner, fish dinner, etc. even from the hoitie-toit restaurants ...

Why sit and look at other people while you try to enjoy dinner?