Friday, August 10, 2007

Wilt thou?

Over 100-degree highs for the forseeable future. Oh, sure - they say by next Thursday we may dip down into the low 90's, but weather guys are about as reliable as coal mine operators.


On the weekend schedule, we're headed to a St. Louis Cardinals game tomorrow, where game-time temperatures will be around 100 and humidity will make it feel like 110. If our seats are in the sun, we might just head down the street to Mike Shannon's restaurant, sit at the bar and watch the game in high def. Three or four dirty martinis with bleu cheese olives will make me think I'm still at the game.

Plus, they are about the same price as a small beer at the ball park. I'd make that trade all day, every day!


I love painting. And when I say "love," I'm really saying "never ending hate." This Sunday I will be painting my office. That is, if the searing pain in my lower back subsides.

I can lift 50 pound bags of potting soil, dog food or whatever all day, then lean over to pick up a sandwich and be out of commission for a friggin' week. Back problems are a recurring thing for me... much like marriage, only less expensive and I don't end up hating my back and thinking of ways to exact revenge upon it.

Oddly enough, I originally injured my back loading my stereo up when I got divorced the first time. I find that kind of funny!


Irony: Writing your final child support check on July 19, and finding out you are having a new baby exactly one week later.

My favorite thing in life is being a father. I've gotten more satisfaction and enjoyment from it than everything else in my life combined. I can't wait for April 6th!

But it's still ironic.


Tivo is an amazing tool. It has done more for television than anything else I can think of for the past 30 years. We are definitely a Tivo household... we have four. Tivo is my crack.

Do you have Tivo? If so, do you ever find yourself catching a glimpse of a chick in a bikini as you fast-forward through a commercial break, then actually scan back through the commercials to get a look?

Yeah, me neither.


Lee Ann said...

The closest thing I have to tivo is Charter on demand...that is pretty cool too.

Stay much as possible. We were up to 105 (113 heat index)

Violet said...

i guess i'll be driving everyone home after the game tomorrow, huh? i'll be the first one to bail if it is too hot tomorrow, though, fyi. i feel sick in the a/c... 100+ degree heat ain't gonna help.

and, no, i don't... although i do wish i had tivo on the radio in my car now that i'm hooked at home.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

If I knew how Tivo worked, I might sign up. Anyway, in the meantime I rely on the old "mute" button.

Fantastagirl said...

I love my DVR - I find myself trying to fast forward through commercials, even when I am in real time...

Ari said...

We're roasting in a summer hell right now too. I find myself seeking out shade like some kinda animal here lately.