Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kid Nation

Reality television scores another huge victory, as CBS (Children Being Screwed) wraps up taping of what I'm sure will be a highly viewed reality series, "Kid Nation."

Synopsis of the show: Forty children between the ages of 8 and 15 are dropped off in an abandoned New Mexico desert town and left to fend for themselves without adult intervention (except of course for the grown-up camera crews poised to capture all the action.)
The network is taking alot of heat about the concept of the show, and rightly so. But why would I be particularly harsh on the network? Oh sure, they dreamed up the idea, had their attorneys draw up the 22-page non-disclosure and indemnification agreement (which also absolves the network of responsibility in the event of injuries - the attorneys even thought to include sexually transmitted diseases) and taped the whole thing, but c'mon. It's really the PARENTS WHO AGREE TO ALLOW THEIR CHILDREN TO PARTICIPATE that I take issue with.

So a closed circuit message to those people:

You are stupid. You allow a television network to take your child out of school and put them in a "town" without you (and with minimal adult supervision) and let them fend for themselves.

Then, when something does happen (and who couldn't predict that???) you bitch to the media that your child was injured. Hey "mom and dad," you knew the risks, but for a little fame and five grand, you were willing to risk it.

You, the parents of the children who "star" in Kid Nation, are witless, and should be stripped of your parenting license. (if there were such a thing, and don't you wish there were)

It's more than just this one show. And it isn't the kids, but the parents, who are responsible for the popularity of shows like this, or networks like MTV (M T&A). They allow their kids to do whatever they want. To run amok. Watch whatever, do whatever... hey, they need to learn to express themselves, they need the freedom to make their own way and be who they are.

You are the same parents who allow their children to scream at the top of their lungs, run from table to table in restaurants, throw fits when they don't get their way and hit or yell at you in disrespect. They are spoiled, loud, narcissistic meglomaniacs.

And you know what, people? You get what you deserve. If you allow your child to participate in a TV show, get burned by a grease fire, sunburned until scarring takes place or catch an STD, it's all on you.

And hey CBS... anything for money, right?


Nobody™ said...

Well, CBS is owned by the same dim bulbs that own MTV Networks.. But I'm a little surprised that it wasn't FOX that did this.

Violet said...

I agree with what you said, but I think I would direct much of my harshness towards the network. The number of parents involved in signing their children up for this experiment is relatively small compared to the large number of people who work at the corporation who gave their approval for this project. I can't believe that there wasn't one of them at CBS who said, "You know, maybe this isn't a great idea..." Shame on CBS.

ajooja said...

I agree with you, but I can't wait for this damn show. It sounds really fascinating.

Fantastagirl said...

and you think about how many people out there want to be parents, and then there are these idiots...some people shouldn't be parents.

Lee Ann said...

I heard about that show....all I can say is nu!

Bobby said...

Next it'll be Real World Guantanomo Bay. A true story, about a bunch of guys picked to live in a cage...and they start gettin real