Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm not really a crier, but there are a few things that I just can't handle. Taps, for one. I don't have to know the person, the circumstances of their death... anything. Just hearing Taps makes me well up. I think it's probably because it was when they played Taps that I realized my Grandfather was really gone.

The 21-gun salute has a similar effect. Stories of selflessness can get to me. Watching my children sleep does it sometimes.

And the movie Field of Dreams.

What about you?


Chris Johnson said...

What makes me cry HA! I am a middle aged woman whom Mother Nature doesn't visit anymore and I don't take any hormone pills. It would be easier to list the things that don't make me cry!

C said...

i am also hormonal.... or is it whore-moan-oh! heehee
yep. taps will have me blubbering. also, if some one else is crying, that'll do it.


PS dave

where the hell ya been? i dont like it when you dont post.
bad boy.
there. now that should make you cry, too.

hows grayson? we need updated pictures!

Fantastagirl said...

Taps and the 21 gun salute gets me every time.

RR said...

amazing grace done on bagpipes. my brother was given a full military funeral at jefferson barracks and as the service was ending, a bagpiper came up from behind and played it with such emotion that i can't even listen to the song anymore; done on bagpipes, i'm a big hunk of goo.

Sharon said...

Certain hymns will cause me to cry. I say "certain" ones because I never know which ones are going to get to me or when until I hear them. It's not so much sad tears but just memories.