Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Baby!

He's only about five weeks away, and we're down to the "brass tacks" of preparation.

Em's friends Paula and Carrie, her mother and sister threw a supremely awesome baby shower last weekend, during which my water broke.

I guess I should explain. (not the part about me being at the baby shower in the first place, but about my water breaking) Each person was given a drink with an ice cube that contained a small plastic baby. Whoever's baby thawed out of its cube first had to shout "my water broke!" I won some moisturizer and lip balm. I promptly donated it back to the cause... which was really stupid because my lips are chapped like a beyotch.

We have the world's greatest family and friends, who gave us almost everything we had registered for at Babys'R'Us. (I told Em we should have registered in the Best Buy plasma HD flat-screen department) We are now busy trying to find a place to store it all.

So, at this point the nursery is pretty much finished and ready for Sparky's arrival:

We had our friend's mother paint some pictures on his walls of the animals in his wallpaper. The monkey and tree were done mostly freehand, and came out really well.

She also did some giraffes, which overlook the crib and will probably creep the little fella out.

Some stencil work around the windows and closet doors. If you want the artist's name and contact info, email me. She's really, really good.

The room looks great! The furniture came in cardboard crates that now need disposal. A few years ago, I would have taken them to my former apartment complex dumpster and drop them in at about 2 am. Too bad that's like 20 miles from here now. I thought about burning them in my driveway, but neighbors hate that kind of subdivision misconduct.


Diana said...

Looks great!! Love the monkey!

Anonymous said...

Save those boxes! With the way we're headed (DOW off 315 points today) someone's gonna' need a house!

Ari said...

Five weeks! Wow that's gone by fast!

Blogarita said...

The room looks great! Did you make the quilts? ;)

Fantastagirl said...

Fantastic job on the room - love the monkey!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

Looks FABULOUS!!! TOo bad we don't live closer, the boys could do a number on those boxes/crates for ya, in a short time too.....'course, you never know what sort of structure would spring up in your backyard once they are done.....

Amandarama said...

How adorable!

Your nursery looks awesome. Sparky is very lucky!

Ashley said...

Hey Dave-
I need to keep up with my blog reading.

The nursery is soo cute!
There are plenty of apartment complexes in O' Fallon...go dump away! I've done it before. Orrr...go the the car wash near Club Fitness, I've used that one too. haha.