Sunday, March 09, 2008

Here's to... (a toast of a post)

Here's to guilt. I haven't had time to post like I used to - or maybe I just haven't had much to say for the past couple of months.

Eh, who am I kidding. I've had plenty to say, it's just that most of it pertains to a new baby, and GOD knows you don't want to read a constant stream of infant-oriented blather.

Sometimes, though, I DO have an occasional thought that doesn't deal directly with a baby - or the fact that I'm 43 and will be 60 when he graduates - or that barring medical miracles, I will spend my retirement money on tuition and die at my desk.

A few of those thoughts are listed here, now.


Here's to birthdays. My good friend, and "guy-who-turned-me-on-to-blogging-even-though-he-didn't-know-it-at-the-time," Steve Mays' odometer rolled over this weekend. He turned 60 and doesn't have a child graduating this year.

By the way, bookmark Steve's blog. I've never gone there and been disappointed... unless he skipped writing something for a day or two.


Here's to you. My blog's odometer rolled over too - registering its 200,000th hit this week. Thanks for continuing to visit, despite the irregular posting. I am about to address that issue with a series of travel stories from my frequent-flyer period of the 90's.


Here's to crazy midnight alcohol-induced ideas. My friend Mike and I are developing a podcast concept. I'll keep you informed about its progress. Oddly, we only discuss it when we're six or seven beers into a twelve-pack, and it always seems like a great idea at the time. Thinking about it now, with only coffee to drink - eh, not so much.

The concept is basically to record some of the conversations and stories Mike and I tell when we're sitting around the kitchen table. It would be easy to pull off, since that's what we do best. The only drawback that I can think of is that nobody would want to listen. Minor detail...


Here's to being alike. Last night Em and I stayed home, ate leftovers and watched television. As I was walking down the stairs with a bowl of the best damned chili I've ever made, I told her that the greatest part of our relationship is... if we'd never met, I'd be doing the exact same thing as I'm doing now. We're pretty perfect for each other.

Then we turned on the History Channel and watched a documentary, pausing it every 30 seconds to critique or dispute the tiniest detail. Yep, that's how we roll.


PS - So um, there are new maternity photos of Em on the baby's site, if anyone is interested. (click the photo link at the top) They are really great. Less than 4 weeks until Sparky...

OK, enough of the baby blather.


Eve said...

SO awesome!! Incredibly excited for you guys!!!

If it makes you feel better Dave, by the way, at least in my neck of the woods: the bulk of the 3rd grade parents are upper 40's/lower 50's. Seriously, th rule... not the exception. We're like the white trash preteen parents of the school only being in our mid-30's ;)

Good luck on a safe delivery to Em... ;)

Amandarama said...

Your night in eating chili and watching the History Channel sounds like something me and Mr. Scoop might also do. Alone or apart. Our critiques might involve actually yelling at the television at points. It's awesome when the perfect partnership comes together. Good for y'all!

Diana said...

Yes, I saw the maternity pictures the other day on the site and they are GREAT!! :o)

Ari said...

I peeked at Sparky! Too cute!

I think your podcast might be more interesting than you suspect. Try it I say.

Steve said...

I'd love to hear your podcast. Rather than think in terms of some long-term commitment, create a pilot. One program, just to test the concept. See if the chemistry comes across, gauge reaction.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You didn't think to leave a recipe for that chili.

That's alright.

Hey, I'd subscribe to your podcast.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Podcast might not be so bad. You could make Junior watch it, at least.

Weary Hag said...

Hiya Dave ... so good to see you still here. Good habits die hard... or is it, hard habits die good? *smile* Looks like things are going well in the new-mommy/daddy-world down there ... excellent! In no time there will be SOOO much to blog about - eh?