Monday, March 09, 2009

Gray Sky Morning

I just dropped my buddy off at the groomer and he was really lethargic and struggling for breath. His medication doesn't seem to be helping much but I remain optimistic. It's just hard watching him deteriorate.

Over the weekend I learned of the death of one of the greats in the voice over industry, Brian James. I also learned if the passing of an old friend, Doc Camden. Both were men I admired.

Friends are struggling with job losses or at least the impending possibility.

I learned that doctors are calling the cold I have the "100 day cough." I'm only about 45 days into it.

And it's Monday. And cloudy.

I just need some good news to help me break out of the funk. Anyone? Beuller?

(on the positive side Grayson just suddenly started walking like a champ! So there's that.)


Chris Johnson said...

Good news is that summer is just around the corner!!!

RR said...

Losing a pet sucks. We lost our 15 year old english shepard and our 18year old housecat within six months of each other. Tough to let them go, they are a part of your family, no matter what anyone says. Loved brian james voice and what he sounded like on the fox in kc. I was just there over the weekend and i thought he sounded as strong as ever. Dying of a heart attack at 48 ain't right but at least he got to do something he loved in his life, that's about all we can ask. My verification word is "peazumic" which sounds like a spice or something.

C said...

the GOOD neew is grayson is walking, you and your wife are healthy, and you have ME who follows your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think you are grieving before regis goes to doggy heaven, and when the time comes, you will hurt but you will also have comfort in knowing and REMEMBERING how much love he had in his life.

you made a difference in his life and no one can ever take that away.

i'm really sorry you are hurting.

hugs to you and yours.

let grayson be the light on your dark and dismal day. children have that power.


Ken Dillon said...

At least you aren't letting him out, then calling his name and watchign him run toward the front door like crazy, then slamming it in his face!!

I KNOW you are laughing at THAT little inside joke! Don't deny it!