Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Comfy Genes

I was once the final gasp of the Morris family name, its final resting place wherever my ashes were to be scattered.

But now the lineage lives on. This is the current crop, including my daughter Courtney, my son Grayson and my granddaughter Chloe. What a handsome group!


Blogarita said...

You have a beautiful family, Dave!

Sarah said...

love this pic Dave!

Clippy Mat said...

a very fine looking crew indeed.
the family grows:-)

C said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dave... to you, the wife, the kids and your new granddaughter. So much to be thankful for. May love and warmth surround you all today and always.

mckay said...

family is what matters most. god bless your crew.